Table and Chair Storage Solutions

Table and Chair Storage the Easy Way

Spacesaver Storage Solutions recommends the cage storage solution as the answer to your table and chair storage needs.  Your tables and/or chairs come right to your finger tips with a push of the button. Add or remove either in seconds. Push the button and up they go, safe and secure.

The average cage is 7′ 10″ wide by 4′ deep by 5′ high with two doors and no shelves. The cage is certified to pick up 1,500 pounds of payload. Larger and heavier duty cages can be produced  on request.

Do you or your customers have floor space problems.   We would like to suggest overhead.

In the past six months,  two large locations needed chair and table storage. One large university  built a beautiful new auditorium and to save space bought a number of overhead cages to store 210 chairs and tables/   A major business that also has an auditorium and realized they did not have room for their chairs, purchased the overhead chair storage option for their needs.

Benefits of overhead table and chair storage

  • Tables and chairs stay safe from dropping and scratching.
  • Aisles and floor space are clear and open.
  • When not in use, your tables and chairs are safely stored up high and out of the way.

Interested in storage solutions for tables and chairs?