Package Lockers

Spacesaver Storage Solutions can provide package delivery locker options for all of your needs.

Does your company or organization need to streamline and improve the exchange of mail, inter-office  documents  or other critical assets because parcel packages are not getting to the intended recipients?


Package Locker System for Apartments, Condos and all Multi-Tenant Facilities

This is the best new amenity and service to offer your tenants, and get on-site staff out of the package delivery business.

These lockers perform like an assistant for your Packages, and are provide ease of use for delivery carrier drop-off and resident pick-up without staff oversight.   Management can focus on other resident services and nearly eliminate the time spent on handling packages and parcels.

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Gray Smart Lockers

Campus Mail Lockers

The handling of mail for the students living on campus can be a nightmare. Students running late to pick up his or her packages, long waiting lines, a greater amount of packages and mail at the beginning of terms and around the holidays, and limited storage space are just some of the problems your university mailroom can face. If a student’s package is unsecured, it runs the risk of getting damaged or stolen, which is not a problem you want for your college.

Spacesaver Storage Solutions can provide your university with mail services lockers.

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Day Lockers

In today’s business world, many companies are implementing creative workspaces, open office layouts and office hoteling. Companies are utilizing day lockers for their employees. Day lockers are also ideal for commercial and residential workspaces; these stylish lockers utilize identification technology to take employee organization and security to the next level.

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Day Use Lockers

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