Wall Mounted Gun/Pistol Lockers

Spacesaver Storage Solutions Wall-Mounted Gun Locker Systems are perfect for everything  from the precinct to the courthouse.   We can provide you with the solution for temporary handgun storage. Our units lock guns up securely.  Flush or surface mount weapon lockers are available to police and government facilities in Richmond, Glen Allen, Chesterfield, Fredericksburg, Goochland, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Newport News,, Hampton, Petersburg, , Portsmouth, and throughout the state of Virginia for storage of pistols.

Our wall-mounted gun lockers have been used for decades by law enforcement departments across the country. Our lockers offer the most secure option for storing your weapon, because of their unparalleled features,  for example :

Key Protection: There are individual keys for each opening and a master key that allows for quick access when needed. Combination locks and digital locking mechanisms are also available.

Steel Construction: Our lockers are made using only heavy-gauge, cold-rolled steel. This includes all doors, door frames, and body parts;

No “Gaping”: Using welded modular construction, backs, tops, bottoms and sides are constructed using steel sheets which are fabricated to form tight joints between components and prevent gaps;

No Hinge-Tampering: All hinges are comprised of steel, with one end always welded to prevent the removal of the pin.

You can Customize Your Wall-Mounted Gun Locker

These lockers are available in seven models with up to 10 openings per system. Each locker provides ample storage room for many different types of weapons or pistols. Also, neoprene-lined shelving helps to minimize the noise and damage that come along with storing weapons.

Use Our Wall-Mounted Gun Lockers in Multiple Locations

These lockers are also ideal for interview rooms, evidence rooms, common areas and any other location that requires handgun security. Keep your pistols safe and secure in a gun locker.

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