Heavy-Duty Mobile Storage

Heavy Duty Mobile Storage Racking systems—for more than just warehouses.

Stop worrying about storage space in your warehouse and make the most of what you have with Spacesaver’s ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System. This incredibly sturdy system moves along rails, allowing for an impressive load capacity between 3,000 to 30,000 lbs – perfect for a variety of items from supplies to freezer and cooler storage. Best of all no renovation or expansion is needed as it anchors itself into concrete. Invest in this cost-effective solution today and let out a relieved sigh – success awaits!

Our Heavy-Duty Mobile Storage Solutions in Action:

ActivRAC 3M– Lighter Duty Mobile Storage System

Introducing our latest ActivRAC solution – a reliable and efficient product designed specifically for lighter-duty applications, such as retail back rooms and indoor horticulture.:

  • 3,000 lbs. capacity per carriage/wheel section
  • System can extend up to 60’ long
  • Mechanical-assist handle with user-activated anti-roll safety lock
  • Diagonal bracing maintains carriage alignment
  • Accommodates new or existing shelving

Powered Freezer Controls:

Maximizing Your Cold Storage’s Potential

You don’t have to build or rent a new cold storage space in order to make the most of your current facility. ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage Systems compactly store frozen items, allowing you to increase capacity, maintain product selectivity, and save on energy costs.
One company found that by utilizing an ActivRAC system they were able to fit the same amount of material into a freezer half its original size – reducing construction and rental expenses. With the system’s carriage and rail feature, shelving or racking moves side-to-side and eliminates static aisles; making it possible for you to maximize every inch of space without expanding your warehouse. Investing in an ActivRAC system could be the cost-effective solution for better utilizing existing cold storage facilities and saving energy in the long run!

ActivRAC 7 – Heavy-Duty Mobile Storage System

ActivRAC 7 a heavy-duty mobile storage system comes in three different styles to help better suit your needs. Meeting a compliance< for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is easily achieved with Spacesaver’s mobile storage systems.  Each option can hold a maximum of 7,000 pounds of storage:

  • 7M (Mechanical-Assist): 7,000 pounds can be operated by a three-spoke handle
  • 7M-SS (Mechanical-Assist Stainless Steel): temperature-sensitive and clean room environments
  • 7P (Powered): Powered by the touch of a button, available with keypad or touchscreen options
Warehouse shelving for box storage on shelving

ActivRAC 16:

A powered mobilized pallet rack system with load capacities of 16,000 pounds per carriage, ActivRAC 16P (Powered) is a great way to store the heaviest of items, from pallets of inventory and repair equipment to beer and wine barrel storage to slow-moving parts.

ActivRAC 30

Offering 30,000 pounds of storage per carriage, ActivRAC 30P (Powered) is our most heavy-duty mobile storage solution available.

Mobile Storage in the warehouse

Modes of Operation

No matter what tasks you have in store, we have an array of control options that make it easy to open any aisle. Our mechanical-assist handles give you the power to shift heavy loads with a light touch, while powered systems can be controlled via a simple touchpad, remote radio frequency or our TUSC® Control application.

Safety Features

Safety first! At our company we take safety seriously, and that’s why we provide multiple safety features for the use, entry and operation of our portable storage units. So you can be sure your stuff is safe with us!

What is High-Density Mobile Shelving?

Maximize your storage potential without having to expand the room! Discover how compact mobile shelving can help you double your space and make your environment more organized. Find out which high-density mobile storage system is best for you today!

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