Safety Features for Mobile Shelving Systems

Safety is always our top priority when constructing and installing our products. That’s why we offer multiple features to guarantee protection for both employees and items.

Right from the start, safety has been paramount in each of our mobile systems. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to introduce virtually every possible safety feature available in the industry today. If need be, any of our systems can be deployed with closing and locking functions once not in use – UL system listed and CSA approved, no less!

The exact kind of security system which you require will depend on the customer’s needs – type of controls being used and whether or not access to the system should be allowed for all public or just trained personnel only. Allow us to do a comprehensive analysis of your criteria so as tailor suitable recommendations for your project!


Our product is the perfect solution for keeping people and objects safe in any programmable electric system. It acts like a guardian angel, stopping the system from activating when someone or something is detected in the aisle – but it won’t get in your way since it will automatically reset once the area is clear.


Our rail customers can rest assured knowing that the security of the carriages is taken seriously. A photoelectric beam runs along every carriage to provide an extra layer of safety, and immediately halts movement if something falls onto the floor. Plus, we’ve installed a mechanical sweep system for added protection.


Our anti-tip devices are tailor made for the wildest tremors, so you can rest easy knowing your mobile system is stable as a rock!


For your convenience, our Spacesaver systems come with overhead lighting, just in case you ever find yourself in need of a little extra illumination. It’s easy to set up the automatic activation when someone enters an aisle or link it into your existing security system. Plus, you’ll rest easy knowing that these lights are there for both safety and convenience!


Navigate the aisle safely with no surprises! When a carriage starts to move, press firmly on the metal sweep plate that runs along its length – outlined by the red and white safety tape – and you’ll be able to stop any unexpected motion.


This is the perfect choice for powered operations! Mounted 20 inches (508 mm) from your carriage base, this invisible beam will be your trusty sidekick when it comes to keeping you safe.

Whenever an open aisle is entered, the beam won’t allow the system to move. However, entering an opening aisle won’t affect its movement until it’s fully opened – at which point this smart feature will kick in and put a halt on things! And if a closing aisle is entered? Well let’s just say that this wily sensor will know precisely what to do – zero motion allowed!


Say goodbye to aisles chaos with our programmable aisle system! Our automated options make it easy to arrange carriages exactly where you need them. Open up the most popular aisle in an instant, or close all aisles at once. You can even evenly spread open the aisles for ventilation and move all carriages to pre-set positions when your fire alarm is triggered – now that’s clever!

Do you need more information about the safety features on our mobile systems?