Modular Bin Shelving

Flexible. Adjustable. Adaptable.

Modular bin storage systems have been successful at organizing a variety of spaces. Though we see it used mainly in the pharmacy or healthcare industry, it has also been utilized in IT departments, retail spaces, industrial maintenance rooms and more. The system offers ultimate flexibility and accessibility to color-coded bins making organization easier than ever. Modular bin storage has the ability to reconfigure with very little effort, making it a great solution for many businesses that are in constant flux.

Our Modular Bin Storage Solutions in Action:

FrameWRX Modular bin storage

FrameWRX Modular Bin Storage System

Modular bin storage known as FrameWRX is comprised of a basic frame, a unique rail system, and a host of components such as bins and shelves that hang on a horizontal rail. Bin shelving was designed to maximize the number of standard-sized plastic bins that can hang on a rail. Rails can be adjusted by hand and onsite to accommodate horizontal or sloped storage.


  • Choice of end-panels and canopy top options
  • Available with optional static and retractable work surfaces
  • Shelf options: 2-position adjustable, pass-through, or sloped low-back shelves
  • Slat-wall accessories for hanging items
  • Bin options include plastic hanging bins or wire baskets

At anytime, you can upgrade your FrameWRX modular bin storage to a high-density option or for additional on-the-go supply storage, a supply cart.


When your space is limited and supplies are increasing, FrameWRX High-Density modular bin storage will condense two rows of storage into one deeper space. This essentially saves one aisle of space per shelf, while allowing maximum visibility and easier accessibility than traditional high-density storage products. Some features include:

  • Easy access
  • Smooth rolling, with built in smooth-stopping
  • Variety of depth and width combinations to accommodate bulky items

WRX Wheels: Supply Cart

All of the flexibility in our FrameWRX modular bin storage systems is available in a transportable supply cart. Traditional supply carts typically have very limited availability in size and dimensions, whereas WRX Wheels can be custom ordered to fit any space dimensions desired.

WRX Wheels Modular Cart system - transport system

Want to see how Modular bin storage systems have been successful at organizing a variety of spaces?