Unleashing a Game-Changing Evolution in Industrial Market

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Embark on a journey of unparalleled efficiency with Spacesaver’s innovative solutions, paving the way for the next frontier in industrial advancements. Get ready to ride the wave of progress for industry like never before!

In the last ten years, the Industrial Commercial Real Estate market has experienced unprecedented growth, emerging as the second-largest sector for capital investment after multi-family projects from 2019 to 2022. This surge is largely attributed to supply chain challenges faced by businesses across various markets. To meet consumer demands efficiently, operators found themselves compelled to expand through construction, acquisitions, or the creation of additional storage spaces.

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Defining the Current Landscape

So, what exactly falls under Industrial Commercial Real Estate? According to NAIOP, the leading organization in office, industrial, and mixed-use real estate, industrial buildings encompass structures primarily used for manufacturing, research and development, production, maintenance, and the storage or distribution of goods. These buildings can be categorized into manufacturing, warehouse or distribution, and flex spaces, each with its unique operational and storage requirements.

The Market’s Diverse Challenges

Industrial facilities come in various shapes and sizes, each presenting distinct operational and storage needs. Despite new constructions and increased availability due to a slight rise in vacancy rates, the continuous surge in construction and leasing costs has posed challenges for some organizations looking to explore these avenues.

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Tailored Solutions for Every Scenario

Understanding the complexities of the industrial market and its diverse facilities, Spacesaver, along with its nationwide network of experts, has developed a range of solutions to address storage, manufacturing, and distribution challenges in both new and existing facilities.

Efficiency at Its Pinnacle

For organizations aiming to maximize storage capacity in warehouses, Spacesaver’s High-Bay Shelving Systems stand out as the gold standard. Static XTend® High-Bay Shelving extends up to 35 feet high, utilizing vertical space efficiently. XTend® Mobile High-Bay Storage Systems eliminate wasted aisle space, offering increased capacity with accessibility, larger storage density, media protection, strength, durability, and adjustability for future needs.

Industrial Improvement

Expanding Capacity with Ease

Overcrowded and disorganized departments can lead to a host of issues, from decreased productivity to safety hazards. Spacesaver’s High-Density Mobile Shelving Systems provide a solution, eliminating fixed aisles, increasing storage capacity, and storing the same items in half the footprint.

Reliable Solutions for the Long Term

Spacesaver’s Powered High-Density Mobile Systems are built to last for decades, ensuring reliable operation for your facility.

Versatile Shelving for Every Need

Recognizing that production materials and finished products vary in shape, size, and weight, Spacesaver offers RaptorRAC® Widespan shelving. Rugged and versatile, these shelves provide strength, durability, versatility, and customization for a variety of items.

Security in Every Locker

Industrial Lockers

To keep employees and visitors focused on tasks at hand, Spacesaver offers a range of locker options designed for durability and aesthetics. Configurable locker accessories cater to storing uniforms, electronics, professional gear, and personal belongings.


Whether you’re looking to enhance storage capacity, streamline operations, or ensure the security of valuable items, Spacesaver Storage Solutions has innovative solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

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