The GROW System for Cannabis

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You’re the expert in cannabis cultivation. We’re the experts in optimizing your space to help you grow more. As legalization expands in Virginia, indoor cultivators are striving to produce consistent, high-quality products while also controlling costs and boosting yields. Optimizing your space is a smart way to gain more canopy in less space. The GROW System is the solution.

Whether you’re planning a new building or retrofitting your existing facility, Spacesaver is your one-stop shop for expert space-planning assistance and the best products in indoor horticulture. Our consultants work with you and your team to improve efficiency and increase profits at every step along the way.

By working with us, you can GROW your yields and GROW your profits.

Spacesaver Storage Solutions Grow System

The GROW Mobile System is the perfect solution for wasted aisle space. By maximizing space and reducing energy use, it helps create a more efficient and comfortable working environment. With its ability to go vertical and improve airflow, it’s perfect for any business looking to improve their bottom line.




Shelving slides on rails to maximize grow area.
Aisles open when and where you need them.

Growing more plants in the same space means
reduced energy costs per plant.

Gain even more grow area with multiple tiers.

Welded uprights with horizontal bracing provide large
openings for lighting and ventilation systems.

Create wider aisles and use racking that’s comfortable to reach across.

Use standard tables cause issues
Standard tables waste space both vertically and horizontally. Every aisle is a missed opportunity to grow more, and you’re paying to heat and cool empty air above the tables.

The Solution

Our GROW Mobile System is the solution.

It Maximizes Yield

The GROW system moves to take full advantage of available floor space. It can also reach up to 60 feet long and 30 feet tall, allowing for two, three, or even four tiers of growing space.

GROW more with us

We offer the quality, service, and expertise you need to improve efficiency and profitability.

Quality & Durability
­ Tens of thousands of our systems have been in continual use for decades
­ Durable materials including heavy-duty steel and anti-corrosion coatings
­ Made in the USA


­ Ergonomic handles with no pinch points
­ Anti-tip option available
­ Uprights accommodate accessories while maintaining structural integrity
­ Safety lock prevents unexpected movement

Experience & Local Expertise

­ Expert local space planning services
­ System installation
­ Staff training on system use
­ Long-term service and maintenance
­ Nearly 50 years in business
­ 300,000 installations throughout North America and around the world

Customized for You

­ Designed specifically for your space and your needs
­ Phased installation available

Complete Solutions

­We bring our own expertise, or we can work with your consulting team.­ Integrate your existing racking, lighting, irrigation, and other systems or we can advise on new systems
­Our partnership with Hawthorne Gardening Company offers the best brands in horticulture

Set up for success

Spacesaver Storage Solutions and Hawthorne Gardening Company offer a full suite of complementary services and products for new builds or renovations.

We offer:

Expert space planning services

­ Consulting on lighting, irrigation, & other systems
­ Installation and long-term maintenance
­ Staff training on system operation


GROW Drying System


After you GROW more, we help you DRY more, too!

The patent-pending GROW Drying System consists of carts, racks, and mobile racking.   Hang plants once and they remain untouched during transport and drying.

­ Eliminate unnecessary handling
­ Reduce terpene and THC degradation
­ Streamline post-harvest management



Why is this streamlined process so revolutionary?



By eliminating unnecessary handling, it helps keep plants’ molecular structures intact,

which reduces terpene and THC degradation. The system results in lower labor

costs, a more valuable yield, and higher revenues — truly raising the bar on

post-harvest processes.


Benefits of our drying bars:

 Labor Efficiency

­ Faster harvest

­ Fewer touches

­ No need for wires or zip ties

­ No need for bins


Flexibility & Optimization

­ Choose the products you need

­ Adjust on the fly for any plant size

­ Gain more drying space in a smaller footprint

­ Maintain high yield and high plant quality


Better Work Environment

­ More comfortable working conditions

­ Easy to clean

­ Multi-tiered

­ Vertical posts are easy to move from cart to rack

­ Durable, corrosion-resistant materials


Complete Solutions

­ Harvest, transport, and dry while eliminating unnecessary handling

­ Integrate with GROW Mobile System for hands-free support during harvest

­ One-stop shop for space planning, consulting on accessories, installation, and maintenance

­ We bring our expertise or can work with your consulting team


Grow System and Grow Cart


Contact us today for any of your cannabis growing needs.


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