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Sturdy Ventilated Lockers for an Urban Park’s Grounds Crew

Does your organization have a locker room for your maintenance staff? Are they able to hang their wet outerwear clothing to dry?   We can provide your organization with custom steel lockers for your grounds and maintenance crews to keep clothing and outerwear dry and organized.

When you’re in the field, each piece of equipment you carry, no matter the size or shape, has a secure place by your side. So why not have a personal storage locker that can secure your gear while off duty?

Our lockers can be configured and customized to accommodate for each individual’s personal storage needs. Each police locker offers a wide range of options to securely store equipment, uniforms, electronics and even separately locked sections for personal items.

Along with the inside customizations, the lockers have been engineered with added features like air ventilation which allows air to flow through the lockers and remove an unwanted odors.

The following is an example of how the lockers have helped maintenance staff employees.

High-Quality Steel Lockers – Made in the USA

The Challenge

No Space to Dry Wet Outerwear

The grounds crews for a Park Conservancy work outdoors year-round, in all weather, to keep the park clean and safe for visitors. After their shifts, they return to their locker room with muddy boots, snowy hats, or wet raincoats. Their old lockers were too small to accommodate some of their outerwear, so they would spread items out to dry wherever they could. Coats and boots draped all over the room created an unsightly mess.

The Solution

High-Quality Steel Lockers with Perforated Doors

A grounds supervisor called in local consultants, who visited the locker room, assessed the space, and collaborated with the engineering team to design custom Lockers that were a perfect fit.

The new lockers are large enough to accommodate bulky boots and work clothes, and they’re designed to promote air-drying. Each locker has two doors and a divider down the middle; the left side of the locker is for clean and dry clothing, and the right side is for wet outerwear. The right door is heavily perforated to promote ventilation and a drip tray is fitted into the lower right side. A louvered lower drawer lined with a rubber mat holds wet boots.

Benches provide convenient seating.


The Result

A Clean, Organized Locker Room—and Grateful Employees

The crew appreciates the new lockers’ convenience, utility, and good looks. In fact, the lockers are working so well that plans are underway to install similar lockers in additional locations around the park.

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