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We offer a variety of customizable storage solutions that can help your campus library make the most of its space while still providing all the functionality you need. Our Day Use Lockers are perfect for personal storage, and our museum-quality cabinets are ideal for protecting special collections and university archives. We also offer storage solutions for facilities and maintenance, sports athletics, academic buildings, and rec centers.



Campus Library Shelving

To ensure your campus books and other collections are displayed perfectly, consider our Spacesaver cantilever shelving. We offer a wide range of options and accessories to create the perfect solution for your needs, including casters for flexible library carts and display accessories. All of our products are made with pride in the USA and can be reconfigured, relocated, expanded, or mounted on our compact mobile systems as your needs change over time.


Campus Library Mobile Cart

We have a great selection of cantilever display shelving for our media display units. They’re perfect for storing and displaying a variety of media, and their A-frame shape encourages browsing. Plus, they’re easy to move around thanks to their caster wheels.

Add bins for small items storage.

Library Mobile Carts wiht Bins

Transform your Cantilever Library Shelving by adding casters to create mobile library carts. Or, incorporate the Spacesaver Modular EZ Rail™ element to support a wide range of slat wall accessories. Either way, you’ll be able to take your library to the next level!


Campus Archival Storage

Libraries and archives are struggling to find enough storage space for their growing collections of irreplaceable materials. This is a big concern for institutions that need to not only maintain their collections, but also expand them while offering more open, flexible workspaces such as collaborative work areas, classrooms, makerspaces, and meeting rooms.

One way to free up space is by moving seldom-accessed materials to an off-site library shelving system. High-bay systems are specifically designed for off-site storage and provide optimal space efficiency, accessibility, and protection for stored materials.



Archive Storage

High-bay shelving is becoming increasingly popular in libraries across the U.S. and Canada for a number of reasons.

Some libraries are landlocked in urban locations or on campus, making it difficult to expand their facilities. In other cases, the high price of real estate can be prohibitive. Additionally, some libraries are located in historically or architecturally significant buildings, where an expansion would damage the aesthetic appeal.

  • Featuring bright, open workspaces. Also storing art collections.
  • Repurposing library space for modern uses.
  •  Library robotic retrieval system vs. Spacesaver High-Bay library shelving.


Day Use Lockers for Personal Storage

Campus Personal Lockers

As interior environments evolve to meet ever-changing needs, Spacesaver’s Day Use Lockers bring a unique blend of quality, flexibility, and aesthetics to offices, libraries, spas, and other professional spaces.

Day Use Lockers optimize form and function, providing secure storage for personal items inside a customizable and reconfigurable design. Modular sizes and a variety of finishes and locking options ensure a perfect fit for any space, and lockers can be moved or reconfigured as your needs change.



Our campus libraries, testing centers, and other facilities are being updated to meet new requirements for cleanliness and social distancing. Day Use Lockers offer a secure storage solution for personal items, with a modular, customizable design that is easy to clean. By providing this service, we hope to create safe and inspiring spaces for students, faculty, and staff.


Your equipment room is a crucial part of your athletic program. It’s not just a storage space – it’s a recruiting tool and a way to protect your investment in equipment. We’ll work with your team to design a system that makes the most of your space, allows you to retrieve equipment, helmets, uniforms, repair parts and tools quickly, and serves as a source of pride for your program. With everything in its place, you can keep your focus on serving athletes and winning games.


College Campus Sports Storage

Save time and keep your focus on top performance with Spacesaver’s tough, steel Day Use Lockers. These lockers not only look great, but they also streamline workflows, protect valuable gear and equipment, and help athletes and guests keep their belongings secure.


To ensure your team’s success on the field or court, it all starts with proper storage and care of your athletic equipment and apparel. We offer custom sports equipment storage solutions for programs of all sizes, from K-12 to collegiate to professional. Whether you have a small storage closet or a large facility, we have the right solution to keep your gear protected, organized, and accessible. This way, your equipment room can reflect the professionalism of your program.


As a college athletic program, your equipment room is much more than just a storage space. It’s where gear is repaired for player safety, uniforms and gear are cleaned and mended for game day perfection, and can even help seal the deal for potential recruits. Don’t let disorganization or a cramped space prevent you from serving your student athletes in the most efficient manner possible. We can help you design a solution that’s as impressive as it is functional, whether you’re storing equipment for one team or an entire athletic program.


Football Helmet Storage

If you’re tired of struggling to find space for all your team’s gear and equipment, our K-12 sports storage solutions are the perfect answer. Our storage solutions are designed to keep your gear and uniforms easily accessible and in top condition, saving you money and time in the long-run. You invest a lot in your athletics programs; it only makes sense to invest in equipment storage that’s budget-friendly and configurable to help you serve students for years to come.

Storage Cages

No matter what sport your school offers, we have the perfect storage solution to keep equipment organized and out of the way. Our cages are sturdy and portable, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Contact us today to learn more about our sports equipment storage cages!


  • Unit Storage Cages
  • Sports Equipment Storage Cages
  • Duffel Bag Storage Cages
  • Supply Room Storage/Barriers
  • Motor Pool Enclosures



University museums and galleries are essential for training the next generation of curators, conservators, and other professionals. We understand that university museums have unique needs, particularly when it comes to collections storage areas and faculty research collections. That’s why we offer high-density compactors, visible storage solutions, and excellent organizational strategies to care for collections while also providing in-depth educational experiences. So whether you need museum cabinets, compact collections storage, or art racks, we have you covered.




Looking to protect your collections and save space? Spacesaver’s line of museum cabinets represents the future of collections care. Our flexible 920 Series cabinets are fully configurable and customizable to suit any need, and we offer specialized cabinets for botany, entomology, geology, and flat files. We understand that no collection is standard, and we’ll help design a storage solution to fit your collection, your facility, and your day-to-day processes.



Campus Museum Preservation Storage


The Spacesaver 920 Series: Preservation Cabinet is the perfect solution for storing art collections, geological specimens, natural history collections, anthropology collections, and any other type of museum collection. With a reconfigurable interior and a sturdy, modular frame, this cabinet offers a unique combination of versatility and strength.


Oversized Museum Storage

The 395 Model: Oversized Preservation Cabinet offers 181 cubic feet of storage capacity and is ideal for holding large specimens and artifacts.


Campus Archival Storage

These cabinets are perfect for storing large, flat items. They have stainless steel tracks and plated rollers, and can be double-stacked if you add the optional base. This creates a counter-height work or storage surface that is both professional and stylish.


Campus Entomology Storage

Our precision-crafted storage cabinets are the perfect way to organize and display your collection of four different types of entomology drawers. With options for enclosed cabinets or open shelving, we have a style to suit your needs. Plus, our full height models come complete with pull-out work shelves – perfect for providing extra workspace.


These cabinets are perfect for herbaria, preserving botanical collections and protecting them from infestation. The full height models feature a pull-out reference shelf for viewing specimens in the collection storage area.


Musuem Art

Campus Mod Art Racks


Looking for an easy-to-use, secure storage solution for your hanging art collection? Look no further than Spacesaver’s line of art racks. Our six different types of art rack systems provide compact storage solutions to fit any space. The MOD-GLIDER PRO™ is our top-of-the-line system, featuring smooth operation and versatile storage capacity. With its pullout screen loading and welded wire or punched triangle pattern screens, your art will be safe and organized in no time.


Campus Wall Mounted Art Rack

If you have a lot of art that you need to store, or if you have a large wall that you want to make use of, then installing art screens can be a great option. Art screens can be combined to create installations of any size, and they can be mounted directly onto walls, making them both functional and attractive.



Carriage Mounted Art Rack

We offer a variety of ways to mount art racks on mobile carriages, so you can easily integrate framed art storage into your existing high-density storage system. This way, you can keep all your museum cabinets, shelving, and other storage solutions in one place.



Floor Mounted Art Racks

Our overhead unistrut system is an excellent option when your facility’s floor can handle the weight of the system and stored artwork. The center-flange rail eliminates the gap between the rails and flooring, providing stability and guidance while minimizing buildup of dust and debris in the rails.



Looking to store, access, organize and protect your framed art and cultural artifacts? Spacesaver’s overhead-supported pull-out art rack systems are a great solution. With a single polyurethane tracking wheel at the leading edge of each rack, they’re easy to use and don’t require rails.



We understand that your teaching spaces need to be customized to the specific techniques being taught. That’s why our workbenches come in a range of sizes and styles, and are built with quality, durability and versatility in mind. Their modular concept and versatility allows them to evolve along with your training center.


For classes such as mechanics and architecture, our mobile cabinets are an ideal solution. Students and teachers benefit from quality storage for tools and equipment, with the ability to move them safely to other work areas.

Furthermore, Rousseau’s Spider® shelving system can be used for all types of school supplies, from books to gym equipment, with the addition of drawers and countless accessories. By configuring your own custom storage solution, you can recover up to 70% of floor space.


Student Workbenches


Our heavy-duty and durable workbenches are perfect for educational establishments that need to withstand wear and tear from thousands of students.



Modular Workbenches for College

 Our cabinets are the perfect solution for transporting large quantities of books quickly and easily. With a capacity of 100 or 400 books per drawer, our cabinets will help you keep your contents organized and safe.


Shelving with drawers

A system combining shelving and drawers can efficiently store all types of equipment while occupying the smallest floor space possible.


Academic buildings and laboratories are key to attracting great students and faculty, and providing students with an excellent learning experience. Laboratory storage systems need to keep students safe, protect expensive lab supplies and equipment, and keep everything organized and accessible.

Storage in science labs can be particularly challenging because they need to provide enough space for students and researchers to work, while also storing equipment and materials like glassware, electronics, fuel, and potentially hazardous chemicals.

To ensure the safety of those using the lab and to maintain a clean working environment, we provide day-use lockers near the entrance. This allows staff and students to store food, drink, and other prohibited items securely, without taking up space in the lab itself.


Protect Students and Equipment with High-Density Lab Shelving

Campus Higfh Density shelving

Space is always tight on campus, and storage for science labs can be especially challenging. Labs need to provide plenty of space for students and researchers to work, while also storing equipment and materials like fragile glassware and electronics, combustible fuel, and potentially hazardous chemicals.


A Spacesaver compact shelving system with “storefront” shelving can help provide quick access to frequently-used items with greater capacity in the storage room or lab shelving area. Our lab shelving systems move with the touch of a button for aisle access while doubling storage capacity. The soft-stop option keeps fragile equipment safe and accessible.


The design team for science education buildings want to provide quick and easy access to laboratory supplies and equipment. They often have limited storage space to work with, We can design high-density mobile systems with open shelves at the ends for storing the most frequently accessed items, like glassware and other lab supplies and equipment. Now professors and instructors can quickly find what they need and get back to teaching and planning.


Chemical storage in university science labs can be a hazard if the fumes and conditions aren’t handled correctly. Our lab shelving can be fitted with locking doors to promote safety and visibility, while louvered vents and HVAC integration improve ventilation. These cabinets can be included within Spacesaver high-density shelving systems to minimize your storage footprint and make more room for student workspaces.


  • Increase Storage Capacity – our shelves can accommodate more chemicals than other storage methods, so you can make the most of your space.
  • Promote Ventilation & Security – with our ventilation system, you can ensure that fumes are properly dispersed, and with our locking doors, you can keep dangerous chemicals out of reach.
  • See Items in Storage – with our clear shelves, you can easily see what chemicals are stored where, so you can find what you need quickly and safely.

Campus Lab Storage


No two laboratories are alike – each has its own specific requirements and challenges. That’s why Rousseau has designed modular products that can be configured to create a unique, personalized layout.

Customize your workspace with a wide variety of cabinets, tables and workstations. Add any number of accessories to make your work environment as functional as you need it to be. Keep frequently used items within easy reach with our shelves and hanging panels for workstations. Use cabinets with locking mechanisms for storing valuables.


A wealth of options are available so you can be as organized and productive as possible. Contact our specialists to discuss creating a custom solution for your project!





To create a workspace that works for you, we offer customizable workstations with a wide choice of accessories. Everything can be rearranged as your requirements evolve.


Stationary Drawers

Sensitive or valuable equipment can be stored safely and securely with a variety of cabinet configurations and accessories to choose from.


Mobile Workstations

You will love the quality and durability of our standard workbenches. Different sizes and surfaces are available to meet your specific requirements.


Looking to preserve your lab equipment for the long haul? Museum-quality preservation cabinets are the way to go. Customizable with interior accessories and temperature/ventilation control, our cabinets will help you keep your materials organized and in pristine condition. Plus, our high-density lab shelving system can integrate with your existing setup to increase storage capacity and free up valuable work space.


Campus police departments play a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of students, faculty, and staff. By maintaining good relationships with the community, they serve, campus police departments help create a safe and supportive learning environment. However, due to jurisdiction issues and other considerations, the equipment and storage needs of campus police departments may differ from those of other law enforcement organizations.

Gun Lockers

Wall-Mounted Gun Lockers

Campus Wall Mounted gun Lockers

These are perfect for officers to safely store their weapons upon entering secure areas.


As your campus grows and changes, make sure you have the flexibility to accommodate a variety of needs. Design spaces that can be quickly adapted to new purposes, so you can always keep up with the times.


Campus Shared Space


Sleek day-use lockers with built-in charging, seating, technology, and whiteboards provide the perfect storage solution for busy professionals.



Student Center

Create adaptable, one-of-a-kind learning and collaboration spaces on-the-fly with moveable walls.

Makerspaces are the perfect place to store and protect important tools, supplies, and student projects. Our solutions are designed to create innovative and functional learning spaces.

Maker Spaces

Performing arts centers can rely on us to securely store and organize instruments, sheet music, costumes, and props. Our storage solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your center.

The university healthcare clinic is a busy place, treating hundreds of patients every day. Quick access to sterile supplies is crucial for staff members so they can spend more time with patients. Our storage solutions are designed with clinics in mind, ensuring that supplies are always within reach.



Campus warehouses are an integral part of campus life, and pose unique storage challenges. Some items might sit in a warehouse for months or years before they’re put to use, while others, like surplus office furniture, might need to be housed in the warehouse for less than a week. Changes in product mix are particularly noticeable in campus warehouses with the seasonal flow of surplus items, office supplies, and other supplies and equipment. In order to maintain a flexible and adaptable floor plan, it is important to have a system that can accommodate these changes without significantly modifying the configuration of pallet racking and shelving.

All these factors combine to create massive storage challenges. And when you consider that campus real estate is becoming increasingly valuable, you can see why it’s important to maximize available space in existing warehouses.

Warehouse Storage

Consolidate Storage to Free Up Floor Space

When it comes to warehouses, many people envision a building packed with pallet racking and shelving with wide aisles. However, we’ve found that our clients who operate on college campuses often need open floor space for other purposes, such as:

  • Displaying surplus items
  • Seasonal parking for mowers and small utility vehicles
  • Working areas for staging, repairs, and other tasks


Free up floor space by consolidating racking with one or two movable aisles.

We want to keep our campus warehouses safe and free of clutter, so that everyone can access them easily. This is especially important for the safety of employees who don’t normally work in the warehouse.

When designing a warehouse organization plan, consider mounting pallet racking on moveable “carriages” along a long back wall to free up floor space for other uses.


Aisles can be opened at the point of need, and the aisles can be wide enough to accommodate forklifts and hand trucks.

Optimize Space in Pallet Racking

We recommend that you take photos of your pallet racking and other storage systems over the course of at least 12 months before designing your warehouse floor plan. This will give you a better understanding of how the mix changes throughout the year, so that you can make more informed decisions about purchasing extra beams and positioning them closer together. Doing so will create additional pallet positions for smaller items and help to avoid empty space within the racking.

Design a flexible, adaptable floor plan

Your warehouse floor plan can’t change every time you take in new materials, so you need to design a system that’s flexible enough to accept a wide variety of stored items. A mix of storage types helps make the most of your space while also keeping everything in the warehouse organized and accessible:

A repair area features a workbench with steel pegboard and shelving for tools.

For heavy or bulk items, industrial-quality mobile pallet racking keeps large and heavy items organized and accessible.

Spacesaver Storage Solutions has the answer for all of your campus storage needs.  Contact us today.

Contact us today for help with your military/government storage needs.

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