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The focus on space, safety, and cleanliness on campus continues as COVID-19 cases continue to exist. Here are a variety of ways that we can help campuses create space in classrooms, libraries, warehouses, and other areas with our storage solutions..

As campuses continue to navigate safety during covid, they are designing and creating spaces that are more flexible and resilient. At the same time, staff at many campuses, particularly those with medical centers, are reacting to supply chain problems by keeping large quantities of supplies on hand.

We can help you store more in storerooms, warehouses, and medical facilities, too.  We can help out with COVID-related storage issues and optimize the space you have to keep everyone on campus safe and comfortable.

Take a look at how we can help you achieve your goals as you plan to return to normal post-COVID.

Increased Janitorial Support

Store more cleaning supplies and PPE on site in dorms, classroom buildings, campus fitness centers, and healthcare facilities — and keep even more bulk supplies on hand at campus warehouses.

Small high-density mobile systems increase storeroom storage capacity for gloves, masks, and cleaning supplies.

Hospitals & Clinics

Hospital supply storage

Keep the focus on efficiency and patient care. Rolling shelves eliminate wasted aisle space and keep medical materials clean, organized, and secure.

Optimize space in cold storage for vaccines, biological samples, and test kits storage solutions.

Consolidate and condense storage for surgical kits and other supplies.


Furniture Storage

Need temporary furniture storage? ActivRAC is a flexible, adaptable way to gain warehouse storage capacity while still ensuring that everything is organized and accessible.

If you’re temporarily removing campus furniture to limit seating capacity or to reconfigure dorm rooms, see how Bellevue College stores surplus furniture, PPE, bulk cleaning supplies, and other materials.



High-density mobile shelving eliminates wasted aisle space by moving along rails installed in the floor.


Store more in the space you have.


safety systems, anti-tip mechanisms, anti-microbial paint option


Reconfigure as needs change.



Made in the USA of heavy-duty steel.


Select badge-swipe or PIN access to lock down aisles.


Your choice of finish options.



Library Shelving

Many libraries already deal with overcrowded spaces, so finding room for social distancing is an added challenge. The easiest way to create more space is to invest in storage that is as flexible as possible.

We offer a number of solutions like high quality lockers, flexible shelving, and compact shelving that help libraries achieve more useable space without sacrificing what they store.

Stay Flexible

Increase storage capacity, divide large areas into smaller spaces, and create inspiring learning environments.



Our Day Use Lockers have durable steel frames that can be moved and reconfigured to carve out space for social distancing, seating, collaborative group work, and more.


Store materials, supplies, and even furnishings in “walls” that slide along rails in the floor. No need to call technicians to reposition the walls; these walls can be easily moved by hand. Position walls to create smaller spaces for social distancing or small group work, or collapse them against a wall to free up space for guest speakers or other events.


Libraries, classrooms, and labs can use shelving on visible or concealed casters to create flexible spaces. Position shelving to create small areas for social distancing or move them out of the way entirely to make room for speakers or events.


Student Space

Student centers: they’re often a major focus of campus tours, and they’re the places where students can go to study, socialize, meet, and get the resources they need. According to an EAB Facilities Forum study, campus environment is the number one reason students choose one institution over another, so it makes sense that more universities are investing in new services and amenities for these prominent campus hubs. So how can you design a space that’s innovative and reflective of your university’s mission, but also functional and adaptable enough to stand up to the rapid pace of change in higher education? Here are a few ideas  to get you inspired.

Whether they’re for student org meetings, group projects, or campus events, meeting rooms are often in high demand. But it can be challenging to predict what room sizes will be most requested and no one wants to waste the square footage for a huge presentation room that will sit empty most of the day. Moveable walls allow students, faculty, and staff to quickly divide up a large room space in just minutes. This is made possible by walls mounted onto a floor rail system. Host a large group presentation in an open room, then easily slide out the walls for breakout sessions. The room can be set up as multiple small study spaces during the day and then all the walls can be slid to one side for an event in the evening. Practically speaking, this kind of flexibility allows you to utilize one space in a multitude of ways to improve space utilization. But it also creates a fun and engaging collaboration environment for students and faculty.


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