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It’s a no-brainer in the resort/hotel industry: you want your guest to be happy.

Keeping guests satisfied isn’t simply just about giving them what they need – it’s also about understanding their wants, needs and making sure those are fulfilled. It’s all about prioritizing customers to ensure they feel valued and heard. Most importantly, it’s recognizing your unique abilities and leveraging them to guarantee customer delight.


The advantages of pleased customers are clear: loyalty, profits, and long-term value. Not only will these happy guests keep coming back for more, but they’ll be likely to spread the word regarding your hotel or resort by recommending you to their own circle of friends as well as writing positive reviews online that will help strengthen your resort image. Furthermore, these contented guest may provide you with a steady flow of leads which can ensue in even more business from related family members.

There is evidence that clearly shows being committed to customer satisfaction pays off handsomely; companies focused on providing convenience alongside consistency succeed in the marketplace!

This is why consistently keeping your guest happy is an absolute must-do if you wish to see lasting success!

Spacesaver Storage Solutions can help you store all of your resort supplies in a organized and efficient manner so you can focus on your guest.

Storage for Guests at the Resort or Hotel

Resort and Hotel- Back of House Storage


Hotels and resorts are always looking for ways to enhance the guest experience. From custom activities to personalized service, these establishments require proper resources and personnel in order to deliver an unforgettable stay. Therefore, investing in quality supplies and hiring the right staff is essential for ensuring a top-notch vacation.


8 Tips for Optimizing  Back-of-House Storage



Organizations must recognize the critical importance of back of house, or ‘heart of the house’, space for guest features. Cleanliness and function in these areas are integral to improving employee morale and enhancing our guests’ experience. It’s essential that decision-makers comprehend this concept as it relates to storage allocations, shelfing allowances, and other storage system expenses. Together, we can ensure a delightful experience for all who visit us.

Storing Items at Guest Resorts and Hotels


Your team should be a  priority — and that’s why we created a storage system that keeps them safe and healthy. You may have worries about people getting hurt by stacking tables of different sizes on top of each other. Not only can these types of injuries be painful and troublesome — but they also have an impact on productivity, morale and can lead to costly workers’ compensation claims.

To prevent any of these issues from occurring we installed ActivRAC® compact storage system to safely store and retrieve the tables. Thanks to the integrated cable lock-up system, staff are able to quickly access items without risk of injury or strain.

Initially there were doubts about how staff would manage such a large piece of equipment but turns out it was an absolute hit! They love how easy it is to use as well as its safety features – something that not only benefits their wellbeing but also improves employee satisfaction across the board as well as providing guests with superior service.



Your storage systems should provide the utmost safety and security for your staff, as well as ensure delicate items are handled with care. In the food service industry, it’s easy to rush through tasks in order to meet guests’ demands; however, this can result in expensive repair or replacement costs for broken or damaged items. To prevent this from happening, plan wisely when choosing a storage system that allows quick and convenient access. Make sure there is ample room within shelves to store all necessary items without stacking them too high; railings or bins can be installed to avoid any accidents. Additionally, designate storage areas by labeling shelving and/or placing photos near ActivRAC handles so staff know where each item belongs for security and space management excellence. Employing these tips will guarantee success!



We improved our storage threefold without extra construction, thanks to ActivRAC. This innovative system maximizes aisle space by utilizing rails to store pallet racking and shelves compactly. Having previously relied on Spacesaver systems for file storage, I was delighted to learn they made a powerful product ideal for heavy items like tables and tableware. After seeing the video demonstrating the capabilities of an ActivRAC in action, we knew it would revolutionize our operations.

Guest Supplies at the Resort


Space is a precious commodity, and inefficient storage can quickly lead to lost profits. For example, you may need to remove booth seats from one of your restaurants to make room for wine storage. It’s easy to see why this was necessary with an average table turn time of half an hour over 24 hours – that’s eight place settings! We’re now looking at ActivRAC systems as a way of providing centralised wine storage.

For facilities managers, it’s worth considering the potential ‘opportunity cost’ associated with not having enough space for desirable guest features. One example is serpentine tables – without these offerings you may risk losing those bookings (or additional revenue), but luckily we had success after introducing our first ActivRAC system which compactly stored all our traditional tables. This allowed us to provide more options and open up new profit streams.



To your property is protected and you maximize space, it’s important to properly configure your storage system. For instance, with a single ActivRAC system you might need to store tables, decoration pieces, cleaning supplies and fragile dinnerware. Depending on the items you need to store, select a system that can be tailored to meet those requirements.

As workflows in this business are always changing, remember that your storage needs will also change over time. Take some time out of staff schedules to check up on storage spaces regularly; for example, casinos that give away gifts may need to reconfigure their storage areas every quarter when offerings change from barbeque sets and teddy bears to jewelry and gift cards.

On days where there aren’t many customers around in the property why not set aside some time for purging unneeded items or configuring spaces for recently acquired stock?

Uniforms for the Resort so Guest know who the employees are


By repurposing  existing shelves and pallet racking with ActivRAC® carriages, you can experience a considerable boost in financial savings and environmental sustainability. The ability to relocate the whole system to another tower when ready is especially advantageous, as it will free up current storage areas for office space. Reusing your existing materials can  provide an effective solution!



As a general manager, you specialize in working with people, solving problems, and planning for the future. When it came time to install better storage systems, you may know you want ActivRAC but you also know that you lack the time and the expertise to deal with all the nitty-gritty details that go into designing a complete storage system—details like locating load-bearing columns, measuring ceiling heights and sprinkler systems, and measuring the items we needed to store. The storage experts at Spacesaver Storage Solutions can take care of all those details, and when the drawings are done you will see that everything will fit perfectly.

As you set out to improve your existing storage systems or design new ones, seek out storage experts who will listen to your ideas, offer insights, and dig into the details that even architects can overlook. Ask to see other systems they’ve designed. Be sure they’re local, or at least based nearby. And once you find someone you trust, invest as much time as you can in helping them understand your current and future needs—because that will help them help you.

Guest Supplies for easy employee access

Places to Use an ActivRAC System in a Hotel

  1. Banquet Storage Area: tables, décor, chafing dishes, linens, and more
  2. Wardrobe Room: new uniforms
  3. Laundry Room: laundry supplies
  4. Bulk Supplies Area: cleaning supplies, bulk storage for pick station items
  5. Corridor near Food Service: serving bowls and trays


It can be appealing to skimp on storage space in the beginning, but having an efficient organizational system in the back-of-house will have a greater impact on guests than buying new furniture for the lobby.

More time with guests.

A well-organized storage area makes it easier for staff to quickly and accurately fulfill requests, leaving them more time available to provide personalized service and build relationships with customers.

Saves space.

Expand and optimize your storage capacity with a reliable solution that lets you make the most of your space, freeing up more room to provide guests with an even better experience. Unlock new possibilities for activities, services, and revenue streams!

Improves safety.

Staff can almost instantly retrieve necessary items — even large and heavy items like tables – without the need to move other fragile or heavy items to get to what they need.



Organize your shelves with ease and efficiency! Our racks and shelves are mounted on rails in the ground to maximize aisle space, while still providing easy access with a mechanical assistance handle or button.



High density mobile storage can more efficiently store almost anything your resort, hotel, or casino needs, including…


Our storage systems can be used to store:

  • Banquet, Convention, and Event Supplies like Tables, Linens, and Chairs
  • Spare Guest Room and Lobby Decorations and Furniture
  • Room Linens
  • Laundry and Housekeeping Supplies
  • Employee Uniforms
  • Supplies for Guest Activities

Contact us today for help with your storage needs.

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