Military Storage Solutions

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We Offer Numerous Military Storage Solutions

We offer high-quality products, designed and manufactured in North America, for all the military storage solution needs.

When available space is a challenge, in ships and containers, for example, we offer reliable storage solutions that maximize use of limited space. Our cabinets feature a range of safety mechanisms, such as vertical security bars, lock and keys, and safety hasps, which can be used to safely store parts and weapons. A wide range of accessories is available for organizing parts, from cartridges and breeches, to bayonets and all types of weapons. The versatility of our shelving is also ideal for ships. They can be attached to the walls of vessels to ensure that everything is stowed safely.  We can offer the best military storage solutions.

For maintenance of vehicles, boats and aircraft, you can combine our shelving, mini-racking and heavy-duty drawers for optimal storage of any type of part.


Armed Forces Storage Cabinets

With a 400-lb. capacity per drawer, as well as a wide range of safety accessories, Rousseau heavy-duty cabinets are the ideal choice for the armed forces.


Spider with drawers for the millitary

Our Spider® product line is versatile, sturdy and safe. You can design your own system that will give you decades of peace of mind.


Rousseau’s mobile cabinet is the perfect companion for tasks needing both efficient storage and equipment close at hand.


Our Military Storage Lockers have a modern look, an innovative design, are made with heavy duty materials, and quality construction. Quick to install and rock solid once in place,  These Military Storage Lockers meet the demanding requirements of the military and other government agencies. Our storage lockers are built to last.

The Military Storage Lockers can be customized and configured with different options and accessories within the lockers. The lockers come equipped with a double hinged door on the front of the locker, featuring a three-point lock which will allow for a user supplied padlock. The three-point lock is very secure; a rod is engaged at both the top and bottom of the storage locker, and a heavy steel padlock lug is positioned in the center of the door. Inside the storage locker, there are three coat hooks, as well as a single clothing rod, perfect for hanging apparel. In addition, there is a solid steel shelf mounted above the hooks and rod for storing gear and other items.

Standard Sizes

The standard size of one locker is 24″ D x 42″” W x 78″ H. However, custom sizes can also be produced.

Fully Customizable

Depending on the gear to be stored, different options and configurations are available to customize the storage locker to fit your requirements.

Depending on the gear to be stored, different options and configurations are available to customize the storage locker to fit your requirements. We can also provide secure hatches within the locker to store valuable gear or personal items. Openings can be made for helmets and scuba gear, or we can add additional shelves for foot gear or other apparel.

Lockers can be shipped fully assembled for quick installation, or ready for on-site assembly. If assembled on site, you may choose to use a (shared wall and ceiling panels to lower the total cost of your storage locker project.   The lockers can also be placed on a mobile system to increase the amount of space available.

Call us today for your military storage needs.

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