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Healthcare facilities need to be able to utilize as much floor space as possible in order to best serve their patients. Spacesaver Storage Solutions has the perfect healthcare storage solution for hospital pharmacies medical evidence, wheelchairs, medical supplies, hospital beds, hospital stockrooms and distribution centers, sterilization departments, biomedical departments, hospital maintenance departments, hospital labs, and hospital reception areas.

Strategic supply management is critical for ensuring optimal patient care and controlling costs in healthcare facilities. Implementing efficient storage solutions can help nurses save time searching for lost equipment and supplies. In pharmacies, adding additional storage capacity can be achieved without expanding the physical footprint.

Spacesaver’s products are typically used in two key areas: to store hazardous drugs efficiently and securely in new rooms that must be constructed to bring inpatient pharmacies into compliance with USP 800 regulations; and to help recover space lost elsewhere in the pharmacies when these rooms were constructed.

As inpatient pharmacies remodel to comply with new hazardous drug storage regulations, Spacesaver’s high-density storage systems help optimize limited space while still keeping medications and supplies organized and secure.

As inpatient pharmacies remodel to comply with new hazardous drug storage regulations, Spacesaver’s high-density storage systems help optimize space while still keeping medications and supplies organized and secure.

Pharmacy desk area

We are a leading provider of onsite evidence lockers and are committed to helping police departments store biological evidence safely and securely. Our sterile surgical kits are designed to meet the highest standards of cleanliness and organization, while our high-density mobile storage systems make it easy to keep emergency essentials on hand. By investing in proper healthcare storage, you can create a cleaner workplace that directly impacts the patient experience. Well-organized storage areas promote better patient care by allowing staff to spend more time with patients, reducing the risk of mix-ups, and reducing the risk of infection.

Hospital Evidence Storager

If you’re looking for a way to save space and increase efficiency, one solution is to implement a wall-mounted storage system in order to retrieve folded wheelchairs easily. Connected to a simple lift, the wall mount will bring folded wheelchairs down to you right when you need them – allowing you to focus on what’s important: providing top-notch patient care.

Free Up Space

Wall mounted wheelchair storage

The wall mount lift is the perfect solution for storing and retrieving wheelchairs. With a six-foot width, it can easily be placed in even the smallest storage areas. This mobile storage machine bolts right to your wall, so you won’t have to remodel or adjust your current shelving. The wall mount itself is incredibly easy to use; providers within your healthcare facility will have no issue loading and unloading wheelchairs onto the dock. After pressing the up and down switch, your high-density wall mount will move the folded wheelchairs out of the way and into a safe storage space.

Achieve Better Supply Room Organization with Our Lifts

We understand that storage spaces for medical supplies and other equipment vary greatly from facility to facility. Our team will work with you to devise a mobile shelving system tailored to your specific needs. The entire lift installation process typically takes an hour, so you can begin using your new mount the very same day. With seamless software integration, we will ensure that members across your facility have uninterrupted access to the equipment they need to deliver quality patient care. Rely on Spacesaver Storage Solutions for industry-leading healthcare storage solutions!

If you’re looking for a way to free up space in your overcrowded healthcare facility or nursing home, our easy-to-use wheelchair storage system is a great solution. Its compact and efficient design means you can make the most of your available space.



High-density medical inventory management solution

Vidir Medical Supplies Lift

The Medical Supplies Carousel is a key part of our vertical storage solutions. It’s a uniquely designed automated storage and retrieval system that makes use of wasted vertical space, providing maximum density for storing vials, syringes, rubber gloves, medical tape, and small boxed supplies. This conserves valuable floor space for more important matters.


Healthcare Bed Lift

The hospital bedlift is a cost-effective, space-saving storage system designed to store beds off of the floor and stack them securely in a vertical arrangement. This not only saves valuable floor space but also removes potential fire hazards from hospital corridors.

The hospital bed storage rack will increase the hospital maintenance department’s capacity, organization, and product flow, reducing downtime and increasing the number of beds available for patient use at any given moment.

Furthermore, by removing unneeded hospital beds from the corridors, hospitals will meet JCAHO standards for bed storage and avoid further fines or worst case, loss of accreditation.


The bed stacking concept is based on LIFO (Last In First Out) picking. The first bed is positioned onto the lift and raised, opening up space underneath the bed for the next unit. The entire operation can be easily accomplished by a single individual simply by pushing a button.

The R Series (Regular Duty) Bedlift is designed to accept 80-90% of all hospital beds with a vertical pitch of 27′  and a capacity of 600 lbs.per position. This unit loads from the front.

The X Series (Extra Capacity) Bedlift is designed to accept the remaining 10-20% of beds with a larger vertical pitch of 33′  and a capacity of 900 lbs.per position. This unit loads from the front.

The S Series (Side Load) Bedlift is the perfect solution for spaces with a unique profile and space constraints. By loading from the side, it requires less floor space for unloading, making it an ideal choice for businesses who want to make the most of their space

The C Series (Crib) Criblift is a professional-grade unit specifically designed for hospital cribs up to 600 lbs. This unit loads from the front, making it easy and convenient for hospital staff products for the specific needs of the health sector.

Hospital Department Needs

Rousseau products are trusted by healthcare professionals for their ergonomics, reliability and safety. Our unique healthcare storage solutions can help your medical center organize everything from surgical kits to scrubs. Spider® shelving systems offer various accessories for safe and easy-to-access storage, including locking systems and slide-out shelves.

Surgical kits, also known as surgical trays, are an important part of every hospital’s supplies. These kits contain the sterilized instruments needed to perform standard procedures. It is crucial that these kits are kept sterile and well organized in order to ensure efficiency and promote patient health.

Spacesaver Storage Solutions offers a variety of space-saving options to keep surgical kits clean, organized, and close at hand.



Healthcare 4 post shelving

Saving space in the sterile core of hospitals is a top priority, and 4-Post shelving mounted on Spacesaver carriages and rails is one possible solution. When staff need to stock or retrieve a kit, they can simply turn the mechanical-assist handle to quickly and easily open an aisle for access.


Stainless Steel Shelving

There is a hospital solution that consists of wire shelving on stainless steel ActivRAC with stainless rail. The ActivRAC system allows the shelving units to move along rails installed on the floor, eliminating wasted space in the aisles. Because the facility could not have rails installed in the floor, surface-mounted rails were installed on top of the existing floor surface and the Spacesaver affiliate arranged to have new vinyl composition tile installed flush to the rails, which helped minimize their protrusion.


We know that time is of the essence in a hospital setting, which is why we offer mobile cabinets to store your surgical kits and supplies. Our cabinets are designed with efficiency in mind, so that you can quickly and easily access the equipment you need. Our team of experts will work with you to find the perfect solution for your needs, so that you can have peace of mind knowing your equipment is always close at hand.

If you’re looking for top-notch storage solutions for your sterile equipment supply department, we have the perfect choice. Our healthcare storage systems are designed with efficiency and ease-of-use in mind, so you can quickly and easily find and retrieve the items you need. We understand that space is often limited in these departments, which is why we recommend our shelving with drawers. This system can reclaim up to 70% of your floor space. Additionally, our Spider® Shelving System boasts numerous accessories and features that further optimize the efficiency of your sterile equipment supply department.


As your department is responsible for receiving, sorting and distributing medical and surgical equipment and supplies, you need a storage system that maximizes space. Our custom solutions are designed to save you space and time while meeting all of the department’s other needs. With the Spider Shelving System, you gain a complete and integrated solution for every size and shape of item you need to store. Modular drawers are the ideal solution for smaller supplies, while shelving and roll-out shelves are the best option for larger items. It’s an all-in-one solution for your department.

With a hybrid system of shelving and drawers, you can store items of different sizes within the same unit. Various accessories can also be added to restrict access and secure content.



Hospital Pallet Shelving

For storing large items, our shelving and mini-racking units are ideal and boast unrivaled durability.



Looking for a way to keep your department organized and compliant with hygiene requirements? Our modular cabinets are the perfect solution. With multiple drawer dimensions and layouts available, you can customize your own storage solution. Plus, our workstation systems meet the need for an ergonomic and organized work environment. By choosing what you need from the many options available, such as a stainless steel top and storage above the work surface with Rousseau’s multi-purpose frame, you benefit from a tailored solution that fits your sterilization process department perfectly.

Hospital Drawers for Sterlization Department

Our stationary cabinets come with a variety of accessories to help keep your workspace organized and efficient. From shelves and drawers to door racks, we have the perfect solution for your needs.


Healthcare MulitTek Cart

The MultiTek Cart is the perfect way to transport and handle items and tools of different sizes. Its lightweight design and durability make it ideal for a wide range of applications, while its range of configurations and accessories ensures that it can be tailored to suit your specific needs. With a maximum load capacity of 600lbs, it is the perfect solution for any task, big or small.


Operating Room

Hospital Storage

Surgical suites often need more storage than is initially considered. Having quick and easy access to sterile supplies during a procedure is essential. Our operating room storage solutions are designed to strike a balance between environmental control and instant accessibility, keeping your surgical suite running smoothly.

Our Durable Spacesaver 4-Post and cantilever shelving options are ergonomically designed for improved visibility, accessibility, and organization of your sterile supplies right in the operating room. Glass or Plexiglas doors keep supplies dust-free and allow you to quickly identify coronary stents, dressings, catheter storage, and other items. Customize your catheter healthcare storage with pullout racks to increase efficiency and productivity. Adjustable shelving easily accommodates changing medical supply package sizes.

Our mobile storage system is designed to double your storage capacity while providing safe, easy access to medical supplies. With a variety of options for holding different types of storage modules, you can keep your medical supplies organized and accessible – whether you need to transport them to another location or have them sent directly to the surgical suite.

BioMedical Department Storage

BioMedical Department drawers

A medical equipment repair department for a healthcare facility must always have what they need on hand. That’s why we’re proud to offer Rousseau workstations, which offer all the benefits of a modular system. Our modular cabinets are essential for optimal organization of your department. A stationary cabinet ensures all your tools are always stored in the right place. And mobile cabinets are indispensable when you need to transport your tools to equipment that is too large to be moved. With all these options, we can create a custom solution for our department’s unique needs – ensuring that we can provide professional repairs quickly and efficiently.

Maintenance Department

Maintenance Department Hospital

As the leading provider of storage solutions for the healthcare industry, Rousseau is here to help you make the most of your space. Our heavy-duty drawers have a load capacity of 400lb. per drawer and come with a lifetime warranty on the rolling system, making them perfect for use with shelving and cabinets. Whatever your specific requirements are, we have a solution that will work for your maintenance department.

Hospital Labs

Hospital Lab Casework

Let our team of professionals help you create the lab of your dreams. All cabinets can be tailored to specific measurements to accommodate your equipment and we only offer products that meet the safety, security and storage needs of modern research and teaching labs. Our options and capabilities allow us to build high performance and precise work spaces. Place your materials within easy reach by having cabinets specifically designed to your specifications. Locked glass doors enable you to see the contents while keeping hazardous supplies and expensive equipment secure. Employees can be given their own dedicated storage space in the lab with locked casework drawers and cabinets

We understand that a well-functioning laboratory is crucial to your success. We can design and build a laboratory tailored to your specific needs, with raceways for electrical, plumbing and Ethernet wiring that are easily accessible to maintenance personnel. This keeps your work areas free of visible wires and plumbing, while ensuring that all systems are up and running smoothly.


We know that every pharmacy has different casework needs. That’s why we offer modular casework that can be customized to fit your specific requirements. Our plug and play components make it easy to change or expand your pharmacy as needed, and we have a variety of options to choose from. Whether you need healthcare storage for orders, personal belongings, or medication, we have you covered. Our goal is to provide you with functional and beautiful pharmacy space that meets all of your needs.

Pharmacy Drawers

Gravity-Fed Drawers

Our pharmacy line offers specialty items designed specifically for use in the pharmacy. Our unit dose fill station features flat and gravity-fed drawers in base cabinets, coupled with slanted wall shelves, which can hold hundreds of medications and supplies. Gravity-fed drawers need only be opened to refill,and are vinyl-wrapped to eliminate crevices where bacteria can grow. This drawer also features the optional removable insert, which can be custom-configured to organize supplies. All of our products are made with professional quality in mind, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible product for your needs.

Adjustable Gravity-Fed Shelves

Our adjustable gravity-fed shelves offer all the benefits of our drawers, but with the added convenience of being able to see all your medications and supplies at a glance. With adjustable shelves, you can set up your pharmacy exactly how you want it – making life easier for you and your patients.


Ergonomic and productive furniture is key to having a successful pharmacy. Our signature features and plug-and-play line make it easy to find the perfect fit for your space. Custom doesn’t have to be complicated with our wide range of options.


Hospital Reception and Nursing Station

Creating a grand and impressive reception area in your hospital is easier than you think. Smart Storage Systems often works with clients to pair pieces from our standard line with custom components to build unique reception areas. Our flexible manufacturing processes allow us to design and build dramatic one-of-a-kind reception stations tailored to your specific requirements. This approach also works for specialty needs. For example, the nurses’ island from a hospital can have kick plates allowing sheet flooring to be applied right to the face creating a smooth cleaning surface and eliminating capillary action where mold and mildew can grow. Additionally, complex electrical wiring and plumbing are housed in raceways in the island.

Reception Desk


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