Frequently Asked Questions

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We often receive questions from potential clients in regards to their storage needs.  We would like to share some of these with you.

Can you show me several different options maximize the storage? 

Answer: We certainly can. There are many different product choices that may work and offer advantages and disadvantages in pricing, capacity, weight stored and layout options depending on your room shape and size, the structural aspects of your building and not least how you access the material and the frequency of access. We take all of this into account when we present a proposal to you.t

Can we reuse some of our equipment in the new design?

Answer: We are glad to re-use existing equipment in the new design. We will point out the cost differences of new versus used and how it affects the installation and timing of the process as well.


How close can compact shelving be to the door when the room door opens into a room? 

Answer: The left side drawing shows a room door that opens into the room. By code guidelines the 5’ by 4’6” box is to be maintained without obstruction around the door.  And the right-side drawing shows a door that opens out from the room.  In that case the “clear space” to be maintained in the room is a 4’ by 4’ box.


Question: In addition to a rolling ladder, what else is available to access material that is stored above my head? 


There are various motorized smaller “lifts” that an user can stand up in and drives. Then at the shelving , the user raises the lift up to an  approximate 14-foot  maximum height to allow the user to lift a box for example off a shelf. The exact specifications vary with the manufacturers. They are designed with user safety in mind and the aisle width between the shelving is significantly less than what a regular forklift truck requires.


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