Touchless Lockers

Touch-less Laminate Lockers

It’s more than just adding screens and dividing spaces. Lockers can create a space for your employees to call their own that can help with employee morale, enhance the company culture, and if designed with touchless in mind, these lockers can create a clean and safe space for your employee and their personal belongings.
Lockers can be part of storage walls as we have previously shown, but also built into the wall or in an island configuration. We offer a wide variety of locker sizes (more details in right panel), laminates and locks to create a custom solution that meets your unique needs.

A Practically Touchless User Experience

With a RFID networked lock, there is no lock mounted to the outside of our locker door. The employee presents their badge (RFID card), smart phone or even wearable near the RFID reader. The system will detect the employee’s credentials and automatically pop open a locker door for their temporary use for the day or as their permanently assigned locker.

The employee puts their belongings in the locker and closes the door with a gentle nudge of an elbow.  Making the entire experience practically touch-less.

Technology Integration


Technology Integration

In addition to reading 99% of the RFID media in the global marketplace, Metra locks extend your HIDTM identity and access security. Our laminate smart lockers can be accessed by: HID Access Smart Cards | HID Mobile AccessTM App with ‘Twist & Go’ functionality on the phone or on a smart watch | Phone App | RFID Badge

ModoTwo | Metra Reader

Present your RFID media to this centrally located Metra Reader on the bank of lockers and the system will auto-assign you a locker for temporary-use. Or, for a permanent-use locker, the locker will be assigned administratively and when you present  your RFID media to the reader your assigned locker will unlock.

ModoThree | Metra Touch Display

This option offers the greatest amount of flexibility and customization. Present your RFID media or 4-digit PIN, depending on your configuration, and either self-assign a specific locker or  system will auto-assign a locker for temporary use.

Touchless Lockers that can be used as a divider

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