Tool Cribs and Security Cages

Tool Cribs & Equipment Cages

Secure your inventory and equipment with professional-grade storage cages and wire mesh security partitions, crafted to suit any size or configuration. Our top-of-the-line woven wire partition system requires no special tools or equipment for installation, allowing most maintenance departments to quickly set up tool cribs and security cages with minimal effort. Plus, you can use the same modular sized panels to construct walls and ceilings of your desired height – simply bolt the panels onto posts with standard hand tools! With a full line of hinged, double hinged, and sliding doors available for easy access control, our solution provides an open but secure environment that facilitates free circulation of air and other essential systems throughout the secured areas.

We specialize in crafting robust commercial and industrial enclosures that protect your valuable investments. Our wire mesh partitions are built to withstand the test of time while maintaining a sleek, attractive appearance. This modular partition design surpasses that of traditional fencing with its affordability and versatility — easy setup, quick relocation, no maintenance required. Not only will you reap financial rewards but also benefit from peace of mind with full visibility, unrestricted air circulation, optimal lighting and heat distribution as well as personnel protection in hazardous areas.

Organization and Security


Tool Cribs and Equipment Cages for Organization

Our wire partitions offer the perfect solution for tool cribs and equipment cages. From secure storage to organized workspaces, you can rest assured that all tools are kept safe from theft and misplacement. We’ve seen countless companies benefit from using these partitions in their tool rooms – less time is wasted searching for missing items, more time is spent on productive tasks! Additionally, some of our partitions feature a service window so personnel don’t have to enter the actual tool room.

Tool Security Cages

For superior protection of your equipment, products and inventory, our bespoke wire partitions offer the ideal solution. Our range of secure storage cribs ensure that your items are safely stored within a building. Along with this, for extra security we can provide you with a selection of locks and access control systems to protect anything from tools to janitorial supplies. Proximity readers, card readers and keypads can all be seamlessly incorporated into our customized wire partition doors for ultimate assurance and trustworthiness.

Commercial Storage Rooms

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