Do you need to repack equipment for deployment? Would you be better prepared with two extra weeks of training? With SHARKCAGE® by Spacesaver you can store your gear the way you deploy it and focus on training and preparation.

SharkCage® by Spacesaver is a complete solution for military logistics that enables security and a fluid transition between all stages of deployment: storage, staging, transport, deployment operations, and reset.

Utilizing the SharkCage® while in garrison allows you to optimize warehouse space while streamlining inventory counts. When it comes time to deploy, easily secure the cage with standard padlocks and load into shipping containers in minutes with minimal dunnage.

Through extensive testing for durability and shock absorption, your gear is guaranteed to arrive at its destination in the same shape in which it left. SharkCage® is built from steel for optimal strength-to-weight ratio and can be transported using any mode of transportation: truck, ship, air lift, and helicopter.

SharkCage® Deployment Storage Solutions in Action:

SharkCage® Types


With a heavy-duty collapsible design, the standard cage is accessible from both sides and features self-centering stacking, strapping points on each shelf. It is designed for optimal fit in most shipping containers making it an ideal solution for contingency, deployment, and container management.

Deployable Military Container Set in Shipping Container
Hazmat Materials Storage


Based on the standard design, the hazmat SharkCage® comes with secondary containment to collect spills and is compliant with CLASS IIIP material handling regulation.

Deployment Locker

With a rigid, non-collapsible construction allows the deployment locker maximum internal-to-external capacity ratio. Doors are able to be operated with one hand for easy access. It can also be configured with different door configurations and custom interiors.

Military Deployment Locker
Shipping Container Transformed by Container Warehouse

Container Warehouse

Integrated blocking and bracing converts a standard container into a mobile warehouse, enabling access to all compartments while in the container.

Wheel Rack

SharkCage® Wheel Racks are compliant with vertical stacking requirements for pneumatic wheel and tire assemblies, both in storage and transport. This increases safety during material handling and reduces damage during maintenance operations.

Wheel Racks Store Different Sized Wheels
Ready for Transport Tactical Deployment Basket

Tactical Basket

The Tactical Basket simplifies the loading and securing of large bulk items such as pickets, tents, diving gear, supplies and spare parts with access from the top and the side.

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