Evidence Storage For Law Enforcement

The management and tracking of evidence is essential to a law enforcement agency—not only in its service to the criminal justice system, but also its community.  The proper evidence storage for law enforcement is essential.

Law Enforcement Evidence Storage

If chain of custody is compromised in the evidence storage process, it can affect the rightful prosecution of criminals, agency liabilities, and a loss of community confidence.

For this reason, our partnership with Spacesaver guarantees secure evidence storage throughout your entire chain of custody—from temporary evidence lockers to long-term evidence storage with high-density mobile systems, we create security, organization, and most important—peace of mind when it comes to tracking and storing evidence.

Secure Evidence Storage Lockers for Public Safety Facilities and Law Firms

Pass-Thru Lockers (PT)

  • Evidence can be inserted on one end and retrieved on the other
  • The rear door is full-sized and therefore allows the evidence technician
    to remove items quickly and reset the locker openings for use
  • Includes a feature to automatically lock all front doors when the rear door is open in order to prevent unauthorized access.



Non-Pass-Thru Lockers (NPT)

Both lockers come with Spacesaver’s Keyless Locking System. Instead of requiring keys, the system provides a push-button pad on each door. We also offer an add-on feature, ControlLoc Technology, which provides computer tracking and monitoring of temporary evidence. This option has on-demand activity report generation, automatic door locking when not utilized, remote monitoring from a central location, and more.

  • Evidence is inserted and retrieved from the same side
  • Items can only be removed by authorized personnel
  • Can be configured into pass-thru at a later date
Non-Pass Thru evidence lockers at Baker McKenzie Law Office Toronto

Long-term Secure Evidence Storage

Every property and evidence technician knows the story—your evidence room is overflowing with items, but you have finite storage space. Evidence gets misplaced, time gets wasted, and it’s impossible to purge old items.

We’ve assisted many departments with gaining storage space with high-density mobile storage—allowing these facilities to increase long-term evidence storage capacity in an existing footprint or, in the case of new construction or renovation, create the space needed for future inventory. With compact mobile storage, you can find the space for anything that comes your way—from biological evidence and weapons to large electronics and bumpers.

High-density mobile storage for long-term evidence

Standard Compact Mobile Storage

Our most widely used high-density mobile storage option, available in a variety of controls and safety options. The system is also available in a low-profile solution, which features many of the same benefits as our standard offering in a more cost-effective package—and paired with a modular floor system, can be easy to configure, expand, and relocate.

Heavy-Duty Mobile Storage

The big brother of standard high-density mobile storage, ActivRAC High-Density Heavy Duty Mobile Storage is an ideal solution anytime a compact solution for heavy items or bulk storage is required. Existing shelving or pallet racking can be placed on mobile carriages, increasing space in an evidence warehouse or off-site storage area by eliminating static aisles. ActiveRAC offers load capacities of 7,000 to 30,000 pounds per carriage and different modes of operation that can be tailored to the specific evidence needs of your department.

Warehouse shelving for box storage on shelving
Mobile High-bay storage system for Off-site storage

High Bay Archival Storage

With statue of limitations increasing for certain types of evidence, more departments are looking at their long-term evidence storage spaces as archives—and similar to libraries and historical centers, more of them are moving evidence off-site in order increase space for on-site storage. Intelligently designed and built for the stable storage of archival boxed records, X-Tend mobile and static high-bay shelving systems extend your storage vertically to take advantage of every available inch in your warehouse.

Do you need help storing your evidence, so it follows the correct chain of custody?