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Illuminating the Path to Successful Indoor Growing: Shedding Light on Overhead Lighting

Spacesaver Storage Solutions offers a system that helps you improve your ROI on your product.  In the realm of indoor cultivation, where natural sunlight is limited or absent altogether, providing the right type and quality of light becomes crucial. This is where overhead lighting steps into the spotlight, illuminating your plants’ path to flourishing growth and abundant harvests.

This overhead lighting system offers indoor and greenhouse growers a safe, efficient and effective method to move any type of grow light, ventilation, heating or drying rack system. Our patent pending systems deliver feedback on when, how much, and by whom lights were moved. This solution provides deep insight into operations.

Features & Benefits

Lighting System


Our adjustable lighting is so precise, you can control the movements within a millimeter for optimal canopy placement. Our machinery works overhead and seamlessly integrates into multi-tier grow systems – whether you’re starting fresh or retrofitting an existing operation! With one button system control, all it takes is one technician to adjust up to 72 lights at once – no ladders needed. And safety features? We’ve got them in spades with six built-in safeguards and food-grade grease on each component. Talk about coverage – we can handle more than 2100 square feet of canopy with just one machine! Plus, if your space requires something special, we’ll design a custom room size solution for you too. All this adds up to lightening fast efficiency that’s as witty as it is reliable!


Growers, we’ve got the right solution to lighten your energy load: an indoor grown product! Not only does it reduce energy use and heat, but it also increases grow efficiency. The return on investment is undeniable: increased production, lower costs from energy & labor reduction, plus a significantly reduced risk of injury. Plus, you can virtually eliminate employee time needed for moving lights and have less maintenance worries – all with this one innovative system. Get ready to harvest faster and more consistently – with our light event logging system you’ll be lighting up the savings!

indoor overhead lighting for growing
Cannabis Overhead Lighting

Safety Features

Grow Safety Features

We’ve gone above and beyond with our six impressive safeguards to ensure your safety:
Electric Motor Brake – This bad boy won’t let go, even when the power does. It locks things in place at any position without fail.
Momentary Switches – You’re always in control! To ensure that you can operate this machine safely, engaging the switch is a must, and it’s designed to positively lock everything into place once you do.
Free-fall Arrestor – We don’t expect disaster but we plan for it anyway: if the motor or chain drive fails unexpectedly, this arrestor will save the day by catching anything falling from up high in record time.
Lifting Cables – Crafted from aircraft-grade steel and boasting up to 2,500 pounds of capacity per cable, these babies won’t melt until temperatures soar way over 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit!
Safety Cables – An extra layer of protection comes courtesy of ¼” aluminum cables rated up to 2k lbs each so you can rest easy knowing your load is backed up.
Upper Limit Switches – These double-duty switches protect against overwinding while guarding against damage for added peace of mind.
Payload Capacity – Our 8-foot sections can hold a whopping 850 pounds worth of cargo – plus there’s space for 72 feet or more depending on how you design your load setup!

Why Do Advanced Safety Features Matter?

You want a lift machine system that is guaranteed to pass muster with regulators and last a long time. We have dealt with regulators in multiple countries for the past 27 years and our machines are built to last.

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