Overhead Automated Flat Drying Racks


Using the same technology that has created our popular grow light lifting machines and security cages, Lift and Grow developed overhead flat drying racks that will revolutionize the way Cannabis and Hemp growers handle their product during this most critical phase.

cannabis hanging - Drying RacksThe product was developed with growers frustrated by the lack of options for improving drying room operations. Their concerns included the loss of space from current drying racks, safety concerns of employees on ladders reaching to hang the cuttings, and improved security.

Drying is a critical function of Cannabis and Hemp production and if you make a mistake drying you can lose the whole crop. Our drying racks give you a way to consistently manage increased production and overall quality without needing more space.

In our white paper, Labor & Safety in the Workplace: Cultivation & Harvest – Mat Rhoades, a grower with 15 years experience, says that to dry a 40 acre field of hemp will cost a farmer $16,000 in labor, not counting the risks of being on ladders. Hemp farmers can expect an ROI from our drying rack machines in less than two harvests.


  • 128 sq ft of drying space
  • Weight capacity of 350 lbs.
  • Folds into the ceiling when not in use
  • Machine automatically moves in increments as small as one millimeter
  • Height of the machine is adjustable to the ideal spacing for workers
  • Eliminates need to use ladders in drying process
  • Machine can be locked for security purposes
  • Food grade grease on all components


Frees up valuable floor space
Reduces potential injuries to workers from reaching to hang plants
Keeps workers off ladders
Reduced labor costs to create quick ROI on machine
Consistent spacing of plants insures fewer problems in drying
Creates a better work environment for workers
Reduced potential for crop loss

Overhead Automated Flat Drying Racks

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