Cantilever Book Storage

With sleek lines and almost limitless design options, cantilever shelving is an ideal library storage solutions for storing and displaying books, articles, newspapers, DVDs, and more.. Cantilever shelving can house media for academic, corporate, public and legal libraries and offers a range of options and accessories to meet your specific needs and accommodate relocation or expansion.

High-Density Mobile Storage

Libraries are continuing to experience major changes in the ways patrons use their space in a digital era. Bookshelves are being moved aside to make room for computer labs, collaboration centers, media workshops, café’s and more. Condensing your library shelving with high-density mobile storage helps double the capacity of your storage space without the need for extensive renovation or off-site storage.

Off-Site Library Storage

When your library has historical collections, research texts, or other rarely-accessed archival items, off-site storage can be the best way to free up storage space in your library. X-Tend High Bay shelving keeps collections protected and accessible while compacting your storage by utilizing every inch, from floor to ceiling.

Athletic Equipment Storage

Whether you’re a K-12 school looking to store equipment for gym classes and sports teams or a collegiate athletics program with greater needs for a much larger team, high-density mobile storage with configurable components is the best way to ensure that gear is organized, accessible, and in good condition no matter the size of your storage space. Choose from hanging racks, shelves, cubbies, bins, pegs, and sport-specific accessories to create a full solution for your program.

Smart Lockers

Our intelligent Smart Lockers feature a state-of-the-art system of modular lockers, locking devices and system software to offer customers secure, efficient and convenient drop-off and pick-up of packaged assets with 24/7 access and complete tracking accountability. Make it simple and secure for students to pick up mail and packages in dorms or student centers, or reduce the time and labor needed for delivering packages to individual staff and faculty offices.

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