Campus Off-site Library Archives

Preserving Information for Generations

Libraries and archives are entrusted with an extraordinary responsibility. They’re tasked with organizing and preserving vast repositories of accumulated knowledge for current and future generations of researchers. Library and archive professionals must often curate and conserve collections under significant space and budget constraints.

Campus Off-site Library Archives

Expanding  Campus Library Archives Storage Space

Space is of particular concern for institutions that need to maintain and expand their collections while offering more open, flexible workspaces such as collaborative work areas, classrooms, and meeting rooms. These institutions face the difficult challenge of trying to fit an increasing amount of irreplaceable book collections, records, and other materials into a decreasing amount of storage space.

We have proven time and time again that moving seldom-accessed reference materials to an off-site storage facility is an excellent solution for freeing up space on campus libraries, public libraries, and other institutions.

High Bay Storage Option
Sample Savings of Using Archival Storage

Making the change from ‘just-in-case’ on-campus storage to ‘just-in-time’ delivery.

A high-bay shelving system makes maximum use of vertical space. Shelving can be easily adjusted based on book size or box type to condense collections. These can be utilized in your campus archives.

A smaller facility can be built when a high-bay system is compacted to eliminate empty aisle space, which results in decreased operational costs.

When the same facility is filled with items stored on a mobile system, more volumes can be stored. The items remain accessible and organized while significant capacity is gained.

Do you want to learn how much you can save by moving less circulated books off-site?