Rousseau Mobile: Where Smart Choices and Stylish Moves Converge!

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Make the savvy move with Rousseau Mobile Products – because choosing storage solutions should be as easy as picking your favorite superhero (but with fewer capes). With a whopping 100,000 standard products to sift through, we get it – it’s like choosing a needle in a haystack, but we promise, we’re the needle you’ve been looking for.

red Rosseau mobile cabinet

Why Rousseau, you ask? Well, if you want your storage solution to be as reliable as your morning coffee, then look no further. Our products aren’t just storage, they’re like the James Bond of cabinets, the superheroes of shelving, the maestros of workstations, and the chameleons of freestanding stations. Now, let’s break it down with a dash of wit:



Meet our rockstar, the R Toolbox. It’s not just a toolbox; it’s the Chuck Norris of storage, with a load capacity of 400lb. per drawer. Perfect for heavy-duty tasks – think automotive, manufacturing, mining, and defense. It’s a complete workstation, armed with a lock-in mechanism and a One-Drawer-at-a-Time system, ensuring your tools are safe and sound.

Why Rousseau? Because when your tools need a home, they choose R.

L cabinet

Now, the L Compact Mobile Cabinet – the sleek sibling of the R Toolbox. It’s compact, with a 100lb. per drawer load capacity, making it ideal for hospitals, laboratories, offices, and classrooms. Bonus: join two or three together to create a toolbox with swagger.

Why Rousseau? Because even our compact cabinets have the charisma to stand out.


Enter Spider® Shelving and Mini-Racking, the gymnasts of storage. They carry the heavyweight champions of equipment and bulky items effortlessly. Add rails and hooks, and you’ve got the perfect storage solution for items of all shapes and sizes.

Why Rousseau? Because when you need heavyweights to perform, you call in the spiders.

Workstations & Freestanding Stations:

Our mobile workstations are like the nomads of the storage world – they go where you go. Perfect for aeronautics or any place where large parts are the norm. Customizable work surfaces? We’ve got laminated hardwood, plastic laminate, stainless steel, and painted steel. It’s mobility with a purpose.


Why Rousseau Mobile? Because when your workspace is your stage, we give you the best supporting actors.

And don’t forget the Mobile Freestanding Stations – the multitaskers of the storage universe. Compatible with our range of WM accessories, they’re ideal for everything. Spool holders, tiltable shelves, dividers – you name it. With a load capacity of 1,200lb., they’re the Hercules of storage.

Why Rousseau? Because when versatility is the name of the game, we’re the MVPs.

MultiTek Cart:


Finally, the MultiTek Cart – the Swiss Army Knife of storage. Ergonomic, lightweight, durable. Perfect for automotive technicians dancing around cars. Need more space? Choose from the 23″W, 25″W, 31″W, 36″W, and 48″W versions. It’s the storage equivalent of having your cake and eating it too.

Why Rousseau? Because when your cart needs to be as flexible as your yoga instructor, we’ve got the moves.

So, whether you’re all about safety, efficiency, or transforming workspaces faster than a chameleon changes colors, Rousseau’s got your back. Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Contact Spacesaver Storage Solutions and let the storage adventure begin!”

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