Evidence Lockers for Warriors

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This year’s Warrior East is now behind us. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be exploring some of the most noteworthy topics discussed at the show. The Spacesaver Storage Solutions team was present and happy to share our observations from what we experienced while in attendance. We will first discuss evidence lockers.

We understand that evidence collection and storage can make or break a case – which is precisely why we place such emphasis on delivering systems specifically designed to guarantee integrity throughout its entire journey within judicial proceedings!

To illustrate our point further, let’s dive into solutions tailored for intake and short-term storage of evidence collected during suspect processing. Identifying every item – no matter its condition or value – requires options that can store it with perfect accuracy until it’s ready to use as legal proof in court.

Evidence Lockers for Warrior Evidence East Attendees


When safeguarding evidence that requires special attention to temperature, our large and small refrigerated evidence lockers provide the ideal solution – for both short-term and long-term use. If you need to integrate with existing locker banks, we have pass-thru or non-pass thru functionality available.

These cool customers come equipped with a digital alarm system to keep it at just the right level of chill, plus lockable inserts so your biological sample storage boxes and containers can be kept secure.

DNA and biological sample storage is serious business; don’t let yours get away! For all your evidence storage needs, don’t look past Spacesaver Storage Solutions – check out our expertise section today for more info.

Evidence Lockers presented at Warrior East



Spacesaver’s Narcotics Evidence Locker is the perfect solution for police departments in need of extra security for their drug evidence. It can be connected with an HVAC system to reduce odor, improve air quality, and keep technicians safe from any safety hazards. But why not take things up a notch? Our Weapons Evidence Locker has all that your department needs, plus double-security standards required by the industry!


Our weapons evidence lockers provide firearm evidence storage made simpler and smaller – ideal for smaller police departments who might be lacking resources or space. With durable steel construction and various lock options available, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your weapons are secure from damage or theft. No matter what shape, size, or form your evidence presents itself in – Spacesaver Storage Solutions has got it covered! Let us help bring the solutions to preserve the safety of your community.

Next week we will discuss gear storage.  Stop back by and check it out.

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