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Advanced Capabilities for Optimal Performance and Improved Readiness

Thanks for visiting  Storage Solutions at Warrior East! We are your trusted provider of cutting-edge storage solutions designed to optimize performance and improve readiness for military and law enforcement agencies. Our comprehensive range of products includes UWR (Universal Weapons Racks), evidence lockers, gun lockers, gear lockers, Hanel Lifts, and Rotomats, all designed to meet the unique needs of modern security forces.

Universal Weapons Racks (UWR):

Spacesaver’s Universal Weapons Racks (UWR) are engineered to securely store firearms and accessories while maximizing space efficiency. These racks offer advanced features such as adjustable components, electronic tracking systems, and modular designs, allowing for flexible and customizable storage configurations. The UWRs ensure quick access, proper organization, and enhanced security for firearms, optimizing operational readiness.

Evidence Lockers:

Our evidence lockers provide secure storage for sensitive materials, maintaining chain of custody and integrity. Equipped with advanced security features like tamper-evident seals, electronic access control, and audit trails, these lockers ensure the safe storage of crucial evidence. With various size options and customizable configurations, our evidence lockers offer efficient and organized storage, streamlining investigations and enhancing overall operational effectiveness.

Gun Lockers:

Spacesaver’s gun lockers are designed to provide secure and controlled storage for firearms. These lockers incorporate advanced locking mechanisms, electronic access control, and additional security features to prevent unauthorized access. Available in various sizes and configurations, our gun lockers ensure that firearms are stored safely, enabling quick retrieval and reducing the risk of theft or mishandling.

Gear Lockers:

Our gear lockers offer optimized storage solutions for uniforms, equipment, and personal gear. With customizable compartments, ventilation options, and durable construction, these lockers keep gear organized, protected, and easily accessible. By utilizing our gear lockers, personnel can efficiently locate and retrieve their equipment, saving valuable time and improving operational readiness.

Hanel Lifts and Rotomats:

Hanel Lifts and Rotomats are innovative storage systems that maximize storage capacity while minimizing the footprint. These automated vertical storage solutions provide quick and efficient access to items, eliminating the need for excessive manual handling. Hanel Lifts utilize vertical carousels, while Rotomats employ rotating shelves, allowing for compact and organized storage of a wide range of items, including tools, supplies, and small equipment. By utilizing these advanced storage systems, organizations can optimize their storage space, improve inventory management, and enhance overall operational efficiency.


At Spacesaver, we understand that aircrew flight equipment teams have a tall order to fill – they need to ensure nothing but peak operating conditions for aircrew and passenger life support systems. That’s why our unrivaled selection of industrial storage and small parts solutions are the go-to choice for reliable, worry-free operation and secure supply maintenance. From survival kits to inflatable lifeboats – when it comes to keeping those crucial supplies in tip top shape, you can fly with confidence knowing Spacesaver has your back!


For any successful mission, having the right equipment available is paramount. That’s why efficient and reliable logistics management is essential for military gear storage and transport. When mobility or deployment of weapons and other items are required, it’s important that security remains uncompromised – so a versatile strategy with innovative solutions can help ensure everything arrives in tip-top shape.

At Spacesaver Storage Solutions, we are committed to providing high-quality, durable, and secure storage solutions that meet the stringent requirements of military and law enforcement agencies. Our products are designed to enhance performance, streamline operations, and improve readiness. Thanks for visiting us at Warrior East to explore how our storage solutions can optimize your organization’s performance.

If you would like to enhance the life of your product, we also offer scheduled maintenance and service on your equipment. We service Richmond, Chesterfield, Virginia Beach, Newport News,  Hampton, Chesapeake, Glen Allen, Fredericksburg, Goochland, and the  entire state of Virginia.

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Thanks for visiting us at the Warrior East Expo.