Behind the Flames: Organizing the Inferno – A Look Inside Fire Station Storage

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Fire station

For as long as we can remember, the familiar sound of a firetruck passing by has been a symbol of courage and safety. We’ve seen these heroic responders racing to the scene, trusting that their experience and specialized equipment will get the job done fast. Fire station storage is important.

But in order for these brave men and women to respond quickly, their gear needs to be stored where it should be – accessible at all times. This is where Spacesaver Storage Solutions come into play! Our knowledgeable team along with our versatile lineup of storage solutions have enabled multiple fire departments to quickly arm themselves against danger. By outfitting pantries with efficient storage solutions, Spacesaver has become an indispensable ally to firefighters everywhere – proving that even small actions can have a big impact!


Adding Fuel to the Firefighting

Firefighter hose storage

As the National Fire Protection Agency can attest, fire department call volume skyrocketed a stunning 130% from 2010 to 2021. But while the amount of gear and systems needed for staffing, protecting equipment, and running operations kept pace with demand – staffing levels remained stagnant. This created a serious problem of insufficient shift coverage and delayed response times that put people at risk.

The completion of a new building offers much-needed space to meet a community’s evolving needs. However, the initial budget didn’t include additional employees to fill this space. This growing discrepancy often necessitates city referendums that are designed to provide funds for hiring paramedic/firefighters and advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)/firefighters so they can deliver round-the-clock 911 emergency medical services (EMS) and firefighting support.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Space

In order to obtain optimal solutions for the expanding department, Spacesaver Storage Solutions professionals would assess the new space, its layout, potential improvements, and future growth requirements. Filling that area with healthcare workers and public safety guardians calls for storage options that are both functional and easily accessible; our experts will help you make sure all your needs are met! We’ll take you through each station section we provided a system for, highlighting the benefits they bring as well as their capabilities so you can be confident your investment is sound.

Fire and EMS Storage Solution


When those relentless 24-hour shifts hit, you don’t have time to waste when it comes to taking a break for a bite. That’s why Spacesaver Storage Solutions provides the perfect solution: 4-Post shelving with locking doors located right behind the kitchen area. Now each team can have their own cabinet fully stocked with delicious snacks – giving them quick and easy access to fuel up fast and get back on duty!

And in emergency situations, every second counts. We understand that and make sure you don’t miss a beat by transforming any small space into an efficiently organized supplies hub using mechanical-assist HDMS equipment plus static shelving solutions. So responders can quickly grab what they need and be on their way in no time – saving valuable minutes (and lives!) all along the way!

Fire Fighters save time with maintenance storage


Making sure everything is in perfect working order at the station is critical for keeping the public safe and sound. That’s why it pays to have an array of replacement parts and tools on hand, ready to go when something needs fixing. With 4-Post shelving and Frame WRX bins, it’s easy to store items of all sizes securely, so any problem can be taken care of with a moment’s notice. Now that’s real efficiency!



PPE and Office spply storage at the fire station

When it comes to fire stations, the first thing we think of is usually firetrucks and ambulances – but there’s a lot more going on within those four walls. Administrative functions are integral to keeping things running smoothly – from making sure personnel have the right protective gear to organizing and filing essential documents.

To make sure that everything was stored in an orderly fashion while still accommodating for different sizes of boxes, bags, and cases – we’ve installed mechanical-assist HDMS carriages! Not only are they fully adjustable at the turn of a handle, but these bad boys really get the job done with effortless ease.



coats, helmets amd other gear storage

Keeping a fire station fully stocked and ready to go at any moment can be quite the challenge due to limited space. We understand that gear such as helmets, jackets, gloves and boots are often damaged in the line of duty, which is why we have put together a storage solution fit for heroes!

Introducing our mechanical-assist HMDS – designed with maximum storage capacity for all your life-saving equipment. Rest assured that your trusty arsenal of items will always be in good condition and ready when you need it most.

When it comes to longer shifts, we also understand that rest is equally important. That’s why each team member should have a secure space for their personal belongings while on the job or preparing for one. Our customizable Personal Storage Lockers come complete with ventilated shoe storage plus USB charging functionality so you can get some well-deserved shut eye without having to worry about not being prepared when duty calls!



Storage of Overflow items at the fire station

At the fire station, everyone’s familiar with the infamous “Where should this go?” conundrum when it comes to stocking up on those bulk items like paper towels, coffee supplies and plastic cutlery. And that’s why our pros got creative – they solved the problem of limited space with 4-Post shelving units complete with full-height doors for safekeeping and a chic look!


Are you remodeling a current fire station or designing a new one?   Spacesaver Storage Solutions has the answer for you.

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