Public Safety – Evidence Storage and Beyond

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From evidence storage that protects the chain of custody, to personal storage lockers, to secure weapons storage, Spacesaver Storage Solutions has the answer for you.  First, we will discuss evidence storage.   Even the most airtight evidence is useless if there is reasonable doubt in the chain of custody. Which can easily happen if it loses its integrity due to mishandling or tampering

Evidence Storage

A common weak link in the chain of custody of evidence is the interval from when evidence leaves the hands of the person who collected it, until it is properly logged by the evidence technician. That’s why a clear, well-documented chain of custody must be maintained at all times. Officers must prove indisputable proof that evidence has been stored securely and its integrity has been preserved, from the moment it’s seized, presented in court, released or destroyed. Our evidence lockers provide the utmost security and integrity of evidence preservation and retrieval.  Our evidence lockers help  enable the processes that regulatory agencies look on favorably when assessing your agency for accreditation

Maintain security and control. From evidence to weapons to resources, our space-optimizing storage systems deliver integrity and efficiency throughout your lab.

Crime Lab Storage

A crime lab’s storage challenges are many and varied. You must preserve the integrity of the evidence in your custody. Store items such as weapons, ammunition and CDs safely and securely. Allow only authorized personnel access to evidence. Facilitate documentation of evidence handling at every step up to final disposition. We can help, with a wide range of systems for every area of your lab and every phase of your operations. Spacesaver High-Density Mobile Storage (HDMS) Systems, for example, can securely store firearms, evidence and archives in just half the space of stationary shelving.

Personal Duty Storage

Officers need to be shown that they are valued in today’s world.   You can show them with nice storage lockers for their personal and work items.    Our FreeStyle personal storage lockers are tough enough to survive years of aggressive usage, flexible enough to meet the needs of every individual user, adaptable enough to change when your needs change, and cost-effective enough to fit any budget. It’s the last locker you’ll ever need. Weapon storage is very important also.  In our gun lockers, firearms are stored safely and securely, yet are always ready for quick, easy access, retrieval and identification. Versatile, space-efficient designs easily accommodate any firearm storage need.  Next, we will discuss how we can help the court system.

Courthouse Storage

Courthouses all over are struggling with a common problem: the volume of records and files generated by cases coming through their courts. Highly efficient Spacesaver storage systems provide the winning solutions you need.

Court clerks may get hundreds of requests daily for active files from judges, attorneys and the public. It is possible that your stored records and files are scattered throughout different rooms on multiple floors of your courthouse, making locating and retrieving files cumbersome and inefficient. Spacesaver can help you manage your files and records in easily accessible storage areas. Our High-Density Mobile Storage (HDMS) Systems, for example, are ideal for storing open, closed and archived case files and court records. Available in powered, mechanical-assist or manual configurations, Spacesaver HDMS Systems can double your file storage capacity in a given space. Eliminate the need for space-intensive conventional filing cabinets. Keep your records organized and accounted for. Using our system can improve your workflow and productivity. We can help you with your other storage challenges, too, like secure short-term evidence handling. DSM non-pass-thru evidence lockers provide failsafe temporary storage that’s completely secure and accessible only by authorized court personnel – so evidence can be retrieved quickly and easily when it’s called for in court.

Prison/Jail Storage

We have also helped improve storage needs at the prisons and jails.  As prisons and jails reach – and exceed – their designed capacity levels, it’s more challenging than ever to store items in secure and efficient ways. Ideal for storing everything from records to inmates’ personal effects to linens, Spacesaver HDMS Systems make the most of your limited space. By eliminating wasted aisle space, HDMS Systems let you double the storage capacity of your original space, or turn that space into productive work areas. Available in powered, mechanical-assist or manual configurations, HDMS Systems offer security features to help you prevent theft and control access to information, supplies and equipment. And they help maximize your return on your investment, while minimizing your storage footprint.

In summary, law enforcement agencies use our systems to keep evidence secure, weapons accessible, and a diversity of items well organized. In the crime lab, Spacesaver solutions help maintain the integrity and security of evidence throughout its analysis. Case files and records are kept conveniently at hand in our courthouse storage products. And Spacesaver systems can be found throughout correctional facilities, storing everything from guards’ weapons and gear, to inmates’ uniforms and personal effects, to bulk items of every type.


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