Warehouse Storage Options

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Making the most of your warehouse space and keeping things organized goes a long way towards a smoother workflow. It is also a vital business task. Finding more efficient ways to make the most of your available space can reduce workplace accidents, improve productivity, and streamline warehouse operations. Consider these warehouse storage ideas to improve your organization. Let Spacesaver Storage Solutions help you plan your new warehouse or enhance your current one.

Warehouse Storage Ideas to Implement

A clean and organized workplace allows your employees to do their jobs more effectively while maximizing the efficiency of your warehouse operations. Before you select a storage system, take a moment to evaluate your warehouse layout. Determine how employees and materials need to move within the space and determine how well the current floor plan fits your business’ needs. Doing so will help you begin addressing your warehouse organization and, ultimately, improve your bottom line. With a better idea of your business’ needs, you can decide which of these storage ideas can improve your efficiency.

Consider Warehouse Overhead Storage Racks

Utilizing vertical space with warehouse racking is a cost-effective storage solution for many warehouses. Unlike pallet racking, which takes up valuable floor space, storage racks allow you to organize inventory and put the space over your head to good use. Vertically storing your stock in storage racks leaves more space for forklifts and warehouse staff work areas.

Of course, conventional pallet racking systems are not the right choice for every business. Different industries and inventories require more customized storage solutions. If your products can’t be stored or removed quickly, conveniently, or safely on pallets, then there are alternative vertical solutions.\Lift and Store’s overhead lifts take advantage of the existing space you have while retaining your existing shelving. Our overhead storage solutions are safe, reliable, and easy to use. Inventory lifts up and down with the push of a button. Plus, our systems are infinitely configurable. Regardless of the shape or size of your warehouse space, we can help you take advantage of your underutilized overhead storage area. Request a quote today to learn more about how you can double your storage space without a remodel.

Consider Mezzanines

We offer multiple options. Freestanding Mezzanines and Multi-Level Shelving Mezzanines are a great way to double your storage floor space. Mezzanines are great for increasing storage capacities for warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Structural Freestanding Mezzanines are modular multi-level storage structures supported by heavy-duty posts and beams. These Freestanding Mezzanines are available with several types of floor surfaces and can be equipped with lights, sprinklers, handrails, stairways and other optional features. They work great for parts storage, office space, or a portable office.

Consider High-Density Mobile Shelving

Simply put, it’s a way to store more in less space. We’re all familiar with traditional static shelves—but the challenge with static storage is that it takes up a fixed amount of space. The amount of stuff being housed in your work space or storage area keeps growing, while the square footage stays exactly the same. To learn how High-Density Mobile Systems could work for you, … for the basics of maximizing your storage space.

The Impact of Mobile Shelving

If you don’t have the money to expand your space to accommodate those items, there’s a good chance it’s overcrowded and unorganized, which leads to a whole other set of issues—decreased productivity, low morale, safety hazards for employees, and ultimately, a negative effect on your bottom line.

High-density mobile storage solves all of these challenges. By mounting shelving or cabinets onto a carriage and rail system, mobile storage eliminates fixed aisles to compact your storage space. It’s a simple concept that enables you to significantly increase your storage capacity or store the same number of items in half the footprint. In the other half of that space? The room to do the things that can grow your business.

Consider Vertical Carousels

Sometimes Manufacturing warehouses rely on dependable Hänel storage technology for its inventory of components. An order for specific items is generated whenever the production area needs parts. This order is recorded using a barcode scanner at a computer terminal near the lift systems. The company’s own software includes data about the stored components, such as quantity and specific storage locations in the systems. Once the container or shelf number is entered, the required item is transported to the access point where retrieval is confirmed on the Hänel system terminal. Heavy components made of stainless steel are kept in both vertical lift systems. Other parts are stored in the Rotomat® system. Valves are preassembled at the Hänel access and retrieval areas before being sent to the production area.


Benefits of component storage

The multi-function containers in the Lean-Lift® can be configured in response to various storage requirements. This ensures compact and well-balanced vertical storage of heavy loads – from floor to ceiling – within an extremely small footprint. What’s more, the UV-sensitive rubber seals stored in the Rotomat® are shielded from light and thus remain elastic. Parallel picking with the three Lean-Lift® storage systems speeds up the entire process of delivering preassembled valves to the production area. Hänel systems are also known for their benefits in terms of ergonomics. The Lean-Lift® containers can be pulled right out of the access point so that they rest on the support rails. And the Hänel transport cart can even carry a fully loaded container.

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