Reducing your Warehouse Storage Carbon Footprint

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Dominion Energy is a well-known provider of electricity and natural gas in the United States. With over 7 million customers in 16 states, they are constantly seeking ways to improve their operations and reduce their environmental footprint. They wanted to reduce their warehouse storage carbon footprint. One area where they recently made strides in this regard is in their storage facilities, thanks to Spacesaver Storage Solutions. They opened a new warehouse in Insbrook, VA.

Spacesaver Storage Solutions is a leading provider of innovative storage solutions for a variety of industries. Their products range from high-density mobile shelving to automated vertical storage systems. Recently, they were tasked with helping Dominion Energy to reduce their warehouse footprint while increasing storage capacity. To accomplish this goal, Spacesaver installed two of their most popular products: the Spacesaver Raptor Racking and the Hanel Rotomat.

The Spacesaver Raptor Racking system is a heavy-duty storage solution that maximizes vertical space while allowing for easy access to stored items. Its modular design allows for customization to fit the unique needs of each customer, making it an ideal solution for Dominion Energy. The Raptor Racking system was installed in Dominion Energy’s warehouse, providing a sturdy and reliable storage solution for heavy items.

The Hanel Rotomat is an automated vertical storage system that utilizes vertical space efficiently. The Rotomat features a rotating carrier system that brings stored items to the operator, minimizing the amount of floor space needed for storage. The Hanel Rotomat is perfect for storing smaller items, such as tools and parts, that would typically take up a lot of floor space. By using the Rotomat, Dominion Energy was able to reduce their storage footprint significantly.

By installing the Raptor Racking and the Hanel Rotomat, Dominion Energy was able to achieve their goal of reducing their warehouse footprint while increasing storage capacity. These storage solutions not only save space but also provide easy access to stored items, increasing efficiency and productivity. With the help of Spacesaver Storage Solutions, Dominion Energy was able to improve their operations while reducing their environmental impact.

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