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Revolutionary new inventory management solution

Vertical Lift Module

The Vidir Lift Module (VLM) represents a groundbreaking advancement in automated storage and retrieval systems by Vidir. Designed to offer intelligent and adaptable storage solutions, the VLM maximizes density and enhances productivity. It features two tray towers, one at the front and one at the back, along with a central elevator, facilitating the swift, efficient, and ergonomic extraction and presentation of trays.

Utilizing vertical towers for tray storage, the VLM significantly minimizes its footprint, saving up to 85% of floor space. Proudly included in Vidir’s Vertical Storage family of solutions, the VLM reflects Vidir’s commitment to industry-leading support for high-density vertical storage, showcasing continuous innovation.

One of the key technological features of the VLM is its Automatic Height Detection system, employing cutting-edge technology and intelligent software. This system accurately measures the storage space required for each tray, performing calculations to determine the most efficient storage location, thereby maximizing density during storage and retrieval.

Vidir’s intelligent software plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and efficient storage and retrieval process. It minimizes pick times, increasing productivity and eliminating costly bottlenecks. The VLM puts users in control of their inventory while optimizing storage space. The user-friendly software interface allows for easy item list management, integration with ERP systems, report generation from any connected PC, and remote access for service diagnostics, ultimately maximizing productivity and return on investment.

The VLM is built with industry-leading engineering, providing ergonomic access, variable spacing of trays to maximize storage space, and front-facing maintenance access for ease of maintenance. It incorporates best-in-class innovations, such as industry-first servo motors offering higher velocity and accuracy, along with a Best in Class 10HP lift capacity, and a chain drive for optimal performance and durability.

Technical specifications include height up to 28 feet, depth of 114.5 inches, and width of 112 inches. Tray specifications comprise a pitch of 3.5 inches, depth of 32.5 inches, and width of 95 inches. The VLM’s load capacity is up to 132,000 lbs, with a load per tray ranging from 600 lbs to 1000 lbs.

The VLM offers various features and benefits, including front-facing maintenance access, ergonomic access for comfortable picking and stocking, one-piece sturdy steel trays, variable tray spacing for efficient storage, modular design for customizable storage, auto-learning for faster setup, and Vidir Remote Service for software assistance and troubleshooting. The system also includes a Full Inventory Control System (VIP) for detailed tracing and control of parts and data, along with Vidir Rapid Install for industry-leading installation timelines. Additionally, the VLM is partnered with Schneider Electric, providing worldwide access to local parts supply and ensuring faster service through dual redundant DC power to maintain full functionality in case of power supply failure.