Using ARP Funds at Your School

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Are you wondering how to best spend your American Rescue Plan funds? The ARP funds are a stimulus package that supports pandemic recovery efforts. It can be a bit difficult to understand.

ARP funding can be used in a variety of ways across a broad range of institutions and organizations. Funds can help schools create space and reopen their libraries and museums safely.

Free Up Space for Social Distancing

Do you need more space in your school?

You might not need to build an addition! Consider gaining space by increasing your storage capabilities.

Our innovative solutions allow you to:

· Optimize space

· Easily access stored items

· Free up space for other uses

Securely & Compactly Store New Technology Purchased with ARP Funds

Are you using ARP funding to purchase new devices or support new technological capacity at your school, library, or workplace? You’ll need a place to securely store devices and associated supplies and equipment.

Create Flexible Spaces in Learning Centers, Libraries & Museums

Learning-focused areas need to be flexible as possible. By combining the functionality of shelving with the mobility of rolling carts, Spacesaver’s flex shelving can be configured to promote social distancing or be rolled out of the way to create space for numerous situations.

Store Belongings in Durable, Secure Lockers

The pandemic has been difficult for everyone. A portion of ARP funds are intended to support mental health efforts. Knowing that personal items are secure can help students, employees, and patients focus on important things.


Campuses want their students to feel comfortable during their mental health sessions. They should attend their sessions without having to worry about forgetting their belongings or wondering if they were secure.

Compactly Store PPE with ARP Funds

Pandemic-related shortages and supply chain disruptions have caused many universities, to improve readiness is to acquire and store their own personal protective equipment, medications, medical equipment, and supplies.

These items take up a lot of space, but building an addition or a new facility is unrealistic for many colleges. It’s best to increase storage capacity in existing buildings.


Campus warehouses have always needed to store a variety of items, from bulk supplies to furniture and building materials. The COVID-19 crisis has caused a space crunch in campus warehouses. ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System can be used for bulk storage. They can store masks and other preparedness equipment and supplies.

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