Top 8 Athletic Equipment Storage Solutions

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It is sports time! Athletes of all levels will be breaking out their balls, bats, and other sporting goods.  Time to have some fun! Athletic related storage needs are vital these days.

For Athletics departments, this includes:

  • End of season tournaments
  • Summer project planning
  • Recruiting for next school year
  • Allocating remaining resources
  • Budgeting for the future

Here are the eight sports storage related options and an example of how they can provide the most significant impact for your athletics department:


From medical supplies to halftime refreshments, these carts bring the gear to keep athletes in the game. Moving with the pace of the game, they keep you on the road to victory!

Since the mobile system has only one locking mechanism to open and close, the pre-game process of pulling gear and uniforms that used to take over two hours now takes under 45 minutes. This process is also made more efficient through use of the WRX Wheels cart that is used to haul jerseys, socks and shoes from the equipment room to the locker room.  Let us help you increase efficiency and reduce stress.



Individual lockers make sure athletes never forget their equipment at home again. Safe and durable, coaches can focus on developing their athletes instead of investing in theft or damages. Locker storage provides a secure way to protect personal property and valuable gear.  Lockers can be customized to suit any need. We offer dozens of configurable locker accessories to help you keep uniforms and personal items close at hand.



A place for officials and spectators to safely store their materials and equipment while enjoying the action. These versatile lockers provide storage solutions in spaces where locker rooms aren’t always accessible.



Keep athletes focused on training. Convenient, secure lockers store backpacks, cell phones, laptops, food, and other personal belongings.


These areas are crowded and tend to get cluttered during events. Provide secure lockers for spectators and reporters to store personal items.


Locker rooms aren’t always available to referees, and crowded bleachers and hallways don’t provide secure storage for personal gear. Lockers are ideal for open areas at wrestling, indoor soccer, gymnastics, and other indoor practices and events.



Allows direct access to support equipment room staff to securely handle and return equipment to team members. Gear is easily accessed and kept in top condition, saving time and money for Athletics departments.




Mobile systems provide a storage solution for your team while building team pride and exciting your players. Your equipment will be stored with safety in mind.

Athletic storage– these words may make an equipment manager cringe. If you are building a new school you may want to focus on overcoming common athletic equipment storage challenges. A possible solution is the  Wheelhouse High-Density Mobile Storage System. It stores an incredible volume within extremely tight spaces and allows hassle-free component change-out. What’s more, the entire unit can be disassembled and moved! You may get more storage than you  need inititally, inventorying is a snap, lost items are easily found and equipment managers are smiling


Flexible shelving solutions with countless accessories to store the equipment allows athletes to perform at their best. Whether you’re working with a small storage closet or a state-of-the-art athletic facility, we offer the right solutions to keep your gear protected, organized, and accessible.

A successful season on the field or court begins behind the scenes with the way you care for your athletic equipment and apparel. At every level – from K-12 to collegiate to professional – we’ve designed sports equipment storage solutions for some of the most renowned athletic programs in the country. Whether you’re working with a small storage closet or a state of the art athletic facility, we offer the right solutions to keep your gear protected, organized, and accessible so your equipment room can represent your program the way it deserves.



From apparel to helmets to shoes, shoulder pads, bats, and everything in between – we have a configuration for whatever you’re storing.


From basket balls and helmets to mouth guards, crutches and basic medical supplies–you name it, we got a space where team members can easily store and locate them. Flexible to fit all shapes and sizes, these shelves help trainers keep supplies organized at the ready.


Functional mobile workspace that saves space and shows off your team spirit to recruits. Spacesaver’s solutions allow Athletics departments to be better organized and visible, making inventory and maintenance easier.

Today’s equipment needs to better organized and visible, which makes inventory and maintenance easier. The equipment room can be a showpiece for the school.

The compact storage systems can feature custom graphics that showcase the school’s sports, from close-ups of the team’s helmets to an aerial shot of the stadium. The Spacesaver mechanical assist system handles can be customized to match school colors.

These custom features create a one-of-a-kind experience for the students, faculty, staff, and players.  Schools can use the equipment room as a recruiting area,

Contact us today for your athletic storage needs.


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