Data Center Server Segregation

The wire partition system can be used to economically separate and secure customer specific server or network equipment. Divide entire hosting facilities with the easily reconfigurable the server enclosure system. Our data server cages are open but secure design allows free circulation of light, HVAC, and fire suppression systems throughout the secured server storage areas. A variety of sizes and options are available. Strong, durable, and attractive server cages will impress potential clients by showing your attention to quality and security.


Server Co-location Enclosures

The server cages allow side by side storage of server racks without wasting space. This design maintains  individual or multiple-rack security, and secured access. Server cages are an inexpensive, modular option to your network security issues.

Strong & Secure Server Cages

In the ever-growing environment of telecommunication and cloud computing, security always remains a top priority for data centers and co-location facilities. Even with onsite security guards, multiple layers of security, communications facilities still need to protect their servers, particularly when in shared spaces.

Whether it is a wire mesh locker for a single cabinet, small server cage in an office environment, or a set of co-location cages to complete a complex suite, mesh guarding systems are the ideal storage solution trusted by the most significant data center providers in the world. The universal design makes installation easy, plus, standard sized parts, including several doors and lock options, are kept in stock for quick shipment.

Since tenant requirements can change last minute, the systems are designed to be easily reconfigured or modified in the field. Welded wire mesh (standard on all systems) provides an appealing look both inside the cage and out. It  provides maximum security over woven wire mesh that loses its integrity with a single cut in the wire.

Does Your Location Have A Sub-floor?

Need to take your security cage to the sub-floor?  The mesh partitions can be configured to stand-alone or attach to the sub-floor structure depending on your security requirements and budget. Similarly, our cage mesh materials can extend above drop ceiling grids.

Clean & Easy Installation

The server cage partition panels easily bolt together and are shipped already sized. No cutting or grinding is required.  There is no worry about debris infiltrating the air during server cage installation in an operating facility. All necessary hardware is included with your order.

Server Farm broken down into safe se

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