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Saving space and keeping frequently-used tools accessible

Do you need to move supplies with very little notice?   Do you need secure tool storage?  This can happen frequently in the military.  In the U.S. Air Force, lives depend on well-maintained planes. Extensive maintenance projects take place in specialized facilities, but technicians also need to perform day-to-day maintenance as issues arise. Tools and supplies for those jobs need to be organized and in good condition, and they need to be kept in a space that’s both secure and convenient.

To store commonly-used tools, parts, and supplies, the Support Section Chief at this Air Maintenance Unit wanted to set up a cage in the supply room near the exit door to the runway. Space was a problem, though: the shelving could be set up against the wall, but the cage would need to extend three feet into the room, beyond the outer edge of the shelving, to provide ADA-compliant access to stored items.

A consultant worked with engineers to create a custom solution: RaptorRAC™ Widespan Shelving encased in perforated steel sliding doors and surrounds. Perforated steel “walls” are welded to the sides. The doors slide on overhead supports along the front of the shelving and lock to ensure the contents are secure.

This solution securely stores tools, parts, and supplies while taking up half the space that a cage would require to store the same items.

Secure Tool Storage Lockable Shelving Enhancements

The Spacesaver solution secures parts and supplies in half the space that a cage would occupy.

Spacesaver’s high-density storage systems are well-known for saving space and improving organization. They aren’t only for warehouses and locked storerooms. With appealing graphics and security features, you can store frequently-accessed items right where they’re needed in workrooms and tool rooms.


Boost morale and reinforce your mission with custom graphics. We’ll coordinate the design and application of your custom graphic wraps

Military Secure Roll Down Doors


Roll-down doors close and lock securely, protecting stored items and preventing unauthorized access. The tambour doors pictured here are slated to promote visibility and airflow.


Ensure security with powered mobile systems featuring access restricted by badge reader or PIN code. These systems can be programmed to provide an audit trail that records the time and date an aisle was opened, as well as the identity of the person who opened the aisle.

Military Secure Pin Badge Shelving System

With the right security features and an appealing look, you can bring storage for crucial equipment and supplies out of distant warehouses and locked storerooms. Save time, money, and effort by storing gear where you need it.

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