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Discover how updating your warehouse storage can save on costs, increase efficiency and provide more space to create a productive and well-organized work environment. Our exclusive range of mobile, static storage systems, pallets racking systems and versatile shelving solutions are designed to store any size or shape of object effectively, helping you make the most out of the space available. See first-hand how our compact high-density storage solutions can transform your production areas without expanding your premises! Spacesaver Storage Solutions offers a wide variety of storage options for your warehouse including Vidir.

  warehouse storage for cold items

Heavy-Duty Mobile Shelving

Are you looking for a reliable industrial storage option? Look no further than Spacesaver’s ActivRAC mobile shelving system. Not only does it provide a heavy-duty solution for warehouse spaces, but it can also accommodate users and forklifts with loads of up to 30,000 lbs. Our mobile carriages quickly double your capacity without the need for costly remodeling or purchasing additional storage items. With ActivRAC, you’ll experience increased productivity and organization in any workspace!


Wide Span Shelving

Wide Span racking

For the most dependable and long-lasting heavy-duty storage and organization, Spacesaver’s RaptorRAC widespan shelving is an unbeatable choice. This versatile system not only pairs nicely with mobile systems, but ensures your bulky items are securely stored on solid static industrial shelving.


The perfect solution for any manufacturing needs

Vidir Solutions is renowned for our top quality motorized inventory management, material handling, storage carousels and display solutions. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the best possible product to meet any industry needs. From unbeatable vertical carousels to outstanding customer service satisfaction; trust Vidir Solutions to always have you covered!


VERTICAL LIFT MODULE – Manufacturing Storage 

Revolutionary new inventory management solution

Manufacturing Vertical Lift

The Vidir Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is an automated storage and retrieval system that provides robust inventory management to help optimize floor space and increase productivity. The VLM consists of two tray towers, one in front and one in back, with a central elevator between them, allowing trays to be quickly presented at an ergonomic height for the operator. This helps reduce strain on employees while boosting performance levels.

This comprehensive solution allows you to make the most out of your intralogistics setup. By vertically storing trays, it minimizes floor space usage whilst offering up to 85% savings – all in a user-friendly manner that makes locating raw materials easier than ever before.


High-density inventory management solution

Pan Carousel Warehouse

Vidir’s Pan Carousel is a cutting-edge way to revolutionize warehouse automation and enhance productivity and safety. This ingeniously efficient machine requires minimal space, making it perfect for companies struggling with scarce resources. The Pan Carousel offers plenty of advantages for inventory organization, boasting an impressive storage capacity.



Automated textile storage and display solution

Textile Warehouse

Vidir’s Textile Carousel is an automated vertical carousel that offers efficient and ergonomic storage and retrieval of rolled goods. This motorized system is designed to accommodate a diverse array of fabric rolls, including woven, non-woven, knitted, synthetic, netting and technical fabrics in a variety of widths, diameters and sizes.

The automated manufacturing storage solution optimizes the use of vertical space in retail stores, manufacturing operations or warehouses by delivering the requested roll to the operator’s level with no need for manual handling. Vidir’s Textile Carousel is an invaluable addition to warehouse automation programs which enhance both productivity and safety.



Wire Carousel Warehouse Storage

Ultimate wire storage and display solution

Vidir’s Wire Carousel is the perfect motorsized solution to store, retrieve and dispense different kinds of spools. This carousel system offers an adjustable interior that can adapt to changing wire inventory, making it a valuable addition to warehouse automation programs. Not only will this carousel enhance productivity, but it also guarantees maximum safety standards.



Shelving Carousel for your warehouse

Flexible, automated high density storage solution

Vidir’s Shelving Carousel is a dependable, automated vertical carousel that offers superior storage density for bulky and heavy products. This storage system conveniently delivers the items right to the operator, eliminating any difficult climbing or bending associated with retrieving them.

Customization of this advanced shelving system is available to suit unique applications not suited by standard solutions. Vidir’s Shelving Carousel enhances both efficiency and safety in warehouse automation programs, providing a significant return on investment.




Sheet Metal Storage for your warehouse

Ultimate sheet metal storage and integration solution

Vidir’s Sheet Metal Vertical Lift System (VLS) is a top-notch automated storage and integration system, tailor-made to provide ultimate convenience by utilizing higher ceilings while implementing Goods-to-Operator workflow. This highly sophisticated solution guarantees faster retrieval times that can ultimately boost output of capital equipment up to 15-20%. Investing in our VLS not only provides excellent efficiency but also maximum safety for your warehouse automation program.



Ultimate bar stock storage and integration solution

Warehouse Bar Stock storage

The Vidir Bar Stock Vertical Lift System (VLS) offers remarkable versatility and is easily tailored to fit the demands of a wide array of sizes and purposes. The cartridges can flawlessly store linear objects including bar stock, pipes, and beams or be fitted with precision-crafted molds for specialized applications like press brake dies. This guarantees that your material storage arrangement is secure, orderly, and productive.

The addition of the Vidir Bar Stock VLS to any automation warehouse program will result in improved performance and safety benefits.



Ultimate hollow core storage solution

Vidir’s Hollow Core Carousel provides a tailored solution for the time-constrained printing and converting industry. Its cantilevered design enables fast sleeve changeover, safeguarding your inventory with its timed rotation technology that prevents deformation of stored materials. This vertical carousel is designed to maximize efficiency and streamline processes, ensuring optimal results every time.



Vidir is an industry leader in providing efficient automated storage solutions for manufacturers. Our systems streamline the processes of stocking and retrieving tools, materials, and sensitive goods, helping businesses keep up with changes in market demands and technology updates. With our specialized expertise, we can develop the ideal manufacturing solution that fits your production needs while delivering lasting results.

We pride ourselves on offering innovative solutions to help manufacturers stay competitive. Our state-of-the-art automated systems replace traditional storage methods to ensure higher efficiency when dealing with rolls of wire, high density items, or sorting various tools. Let us show you how Vidir’s exceptional services can help you reach your goals today!



The Product-To-Person Principle simplifies and streamlines operations by revolutionizing search and retrieval functions. This expedites the manufacturing process, enabling smooth, efficient production with limited delays.

Integrating into modernized processes boosts productivity by minimizing changeover times and eliminating shrinkage. This improves cost-effectiveness while cutting down on manual touchpoints.



The well-being of your employees is always a priority in the manufacturing sector. By introducing the Product-To-Person Principle, you can significantly decrease any potential risks associated with stocking and retrieval methods. All products are delivered at a comfortable height, meaning no bending, stretching, climbing or pushing is required. Moreover, our standard safety features guarantee that all personnel onsite remain safe while the machinery is running. At Vidir we take pride in protecting those in the manufacturing industry by offering secure and efficient removal processes.




Maximize your vertical space to keep the manufacturing floor open for more critical operations. Aisles stay clutter-free while product remains easily obtainable. Our products have multiple configuration choices, offering the greatest possible storage density. The efficient design of our carriers allows for optimal levels in height. Increase production and efficiency with a minimal amount of ground space and quick access to materials. Contact us today and learn more about how our manufacturing storage solutions can benefit you!

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