Sailing Through Space: Revolutionizing Storage for The Mariner’s Museum!

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The Mariner’s Museum, a renowned institution nestled in the heart of Newport News, Virginia, is a captivating tribute to the world’s maritime heritage. With a history dating back to its founding in 1930, this museum stands as a beacon of exploration, education, and preservation of all things maritime. Its mission extends beyond merely showcasing magnificent ships and nautical artifacts; it is a vibrant space that celebrates the fascinating interplay between human ingenuity and the boundless expanse of the world’s oceans. From meticulously crafted ship models that span centuries of seafaring history to immersive exhibitions that dive into the depths of maritime culture and exploration, The Mariner’s Museum beckons visitors to embark on a captivating voyage of discovery. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or someone eager to explore the wonders of the sea from land, The Mariner’s Museum promises an enriching and awe-inspiring experience for all who seek to connect with the world’s maritime past and present.

Two Spacesaver Storage Solutions technicians install the Spaceaver Flat File 420 cainet

Amidst the fascinating world of maritime heritage and exploration, The Mariner’s Museum continuously seeks to expand its reach and enhance its preservation efforts, even extending to the meticulous care of historical documents and artifacts. This dedication to safeguarding maritime treasures extends beyond the captivating ship models and immersive exhibitions, as demonstrated by the partnership with Spacesaver Storage Solutions and the invaluable support from The Bronze Door Society. While the museum’s captivating displays invite visitors to embark on a journey through the seas of history, its commitment to thoughtful preservation ensures that these tales of human ingenuity and oceanic vastness remain accessible for generations to come.

Checking out the inside of the 423 cabinet during installation.


The Mariners’ Museum and Park’s Bronze Door Society is a member-managed affinity group that funds projects presented by members of the Museum team.  In 2022, one of the Museum’s Library Archivists reached out to Spacesaver Storage Solutions to provide a quote for additional flat file storage cabinets to help preserve works on paper to present to The Bronze Door Society for funding.  Because the library collection is always expanding, it was important that the cabinets could be used in a future mobile shelving design.  The library archives space already takes advantage of flat file cabinets on mobile carriages with shelf space above.  Spacesaver’s 420 and 423 museum cabinets were a perfect fit for this project as they can be used in their current, stationary location or they can be incorporated into the design of a future mobile shelving.  While the 420 cabinets provide storage for more standard sizes of works on paper (maps, blueprints, etc), the 423 cabinets provide storage for oversized items or a mix of sizes.  (They can even store a service technician or two 😊)  The Library Archivists’ proposal to The Bronze Door Society was funded in October 2022.


Spacesaver Storage Solutions installing a 420 Archive cabinet at The Mariner's Museum

Incorporating Spacesaver’s cutting-edge 420 and 423 museum cabinets at the Mariner’s Museum has proven to be a transformative decision. These exquisite storage solutions, designed with meticulous attention to preserving and showcasing the rich maritime heritage, have elevated the museum’s archival capabilities to unprecedented heights. With their innovative design, exceptional preservation features, and maximized space utilization, these cabinets stand as a testament to the commitment of the Mariner’s Museum to safeguard and share the captivating stories of our seafaring past. As visitors explore the treasures within, they can take solace in the knowledge that these remarkable Spacesaver cabinets are not just safeguarding history; they’re enhancing the way we experience it. A partnership between innovation and heritage, this installation symbolizes the Mariner’s Museum’s dedication to inspiring generations, anchoring the past in the present, and charting a course for an even more remarkable future.

Bill poudly displaying the new cabinet at the Mariner's museum

(* Photo Credit  “The Mariners’ Museum and Park/Amanda Shields.)


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