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Running out of space for county archives records storage

Are you a county worker looking to increase your work storage space? County government archives store modern and historic documents like plat records, court documents, marriage and divorce records, and many other materials that are often required by state law to be preserved on paper. These archives hold a wealth of information and, because they’re public records, they must be made available to staff, researchers, the general public, or to the media upon request.


The storage of ever-expanding collection of printed materials for the government is a challenge. The county government archives facilities can run out of room to store documents from all of the agencies in the county.

4 post shelving for county government


If archive department receives approval to build out a new facility within an existing building, they should call on Spacesaver. Government archive and records storage often want to:

• Invest in durable solutions
• Protect materials
• Keep materials organized and easily accessible
• Design space with room to grow

Well-designed archives storage

Our Spacesaver consultants often spend weeks assessing the archival materials that needed to be stored and drawing up plans for the space. By counting items, measuring them, and weighing them, he and the staff were able to design efficient, durable storage solutions that would stand the test of time. At an archivists’ request, we can design the new shelving to store items by type, size, and agency.

Archrival’s new space often features Spacesaver’s 4-Post shelving and file drawers. To avoid wasting space, the shelving is configured according to the size of stored items, and the shelving can easily be reconfigured over time if needs change.


Our government projects are often sold on the Sourcewell contract, enabling the client to get proven products at reduced prices.

Accessible, well organized archives

We help create an attractive, accessible, and well organized space for records preservation. Government employees, the media, and the general public are welcome to explore the archives and benefit from the wealth of knowledge stored there.

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