Accessories for R2V Vertical Storage

Getting creative with space management? Look no further than Rousseau Metal R2V Vertical Storage – the perfect solution to help you reclaim your floor space and make the most of what’s up top. Our drawers open to full extension, giving you complete access so that nothing is left out of reach – even in traditional shelving. Plus, it’s built for efficiency, with a 200-lb capacity per drawer and 5S accessories like utility panels, trays, magnetic dividers and shelves – all made from North American materials for superior quality. Ready to maximize your storage potential? We’ve got everything you need! Please review your possible accessories for your R2V storage system.

Magnetic label holder

Our magnetic label holder is an ingenious way to keep your labels where you need them! Crafted of transparent, matte finished plastic, it’ll eliminate any glare so that your labels are easy to read. And with the handy magnetic strip on the back, you can rest assured that wherever you display your labels – they’ll stay put!

Adhesive Label Holder

Take organization to the next level with our Adhesive Label Holder! Its transparent, matte-finished plastic construction reduces glare so that your labels are crisp and clearly visible. And it’s so easy to use – simply peel and stick the adhesive strip on the back, and you’re ready to go! With our label holder, organization has never been simpler or more fun!

Lock-Out Mechanism for R2V vertical drawers

Secure your world with Lock-Out Mechanism for R2V vertical drawers. Our innovative system allows you to lock drawers in an open position, providing extra security when it’s needed most! And don’t worry – the installation is compatible with all drawer accessories, and it can be placed on either side of the drawer (just not with an RL91 panel installed on the same side). Now that’s what we call peace of mind!

Left to Right Divider for R2V Vertical Drawer

Introducing the Left to Right Divider for R2V Vertical Drawer – just what you need to bring order and organization to your drawer! This handy divider fits perfectly in drawers of any size, attaching easily on both drawer bottoms and adjustable trays. Plus, a magnetic strip allows for easy repositioning when needed. All this in an easily identifiable light gray (071) color – it’s stylish, witty and perfect for introducing structure into your space.

Non-Slip Drawer/Tray Liner

Tired of your parts slippin’ and slidin’ out of the drawer? Our Non-Slip Drawer/Tray Liners are just what you need! They’re made with a special non-slip material on both sides that’ll keep everything safe and secure. Plus, at 1/16′ thick, they won’t take up too much space either. And best of all, they come in an attractive black color so it won’t clash with your décor. Get yours today!

Adjustable Utility Panel for R2V Vertical Drawer

Be equipped with the adjustable utility panel for your R2V Vertical Drawer! It’s designed to match snugly in the cabinet and provides an easy way to hang your tools on either side of the drawer without any obstructions. It even adjusts in ½’ increments, so you can customize it however you’d like. This full-height and depth panel is compatible with WM9 hooks except WM9A or WM9B, as well as RL21 trays which are the same width as your drawer. And don’t forget – it comes in stylish light gray (071), so you can look good while being organized!

R2V Vertical Drawer Interior

House your items with ease in an R2V vertical drawer! Not only does it come with adjustable trays and a utility panel, but you can also customize the interior with left to right dividers for maximum organization and convenience. Now that’s something to be witty about!

Do you need accessories for your R2V Vertical Storage Cabinet?