A Storage Solution Marvel for Old Dominion University’s DVD Collection Dilemma

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Spacesaver Storage Solutions, the local hero in tackling storage conundrums, swooped in to rescue Old Dominion University from the clutches of a colossal DVD collection dilemma.

When Old Dominion University faced the challenge of accommodating a vast assortment of 42,000-plus DVDs and videos, generously bestowed upon them by a local patron, they turned to the seasoned experts at Spacesaver Storage Solutions. This dynamic duo, consisting of Spacesaver and their local maestro Chris Canady, had already flexed their storage prowess in various departments at ODU, including Athletics, Administration, and the Recreation and Wellness domains.

DVD Storage

A philanthropic act of cinematic proportions had seen the university inherit a massive collection from the remnants of the NARO Expanded Video Store, dormant since 2019. Seeking aid in organizing this cinematic treasure trove, the Dean of Libraries tapped into Spacesaver’s wisdom. Through weeks of rendezvous with key members of the Perry Library staff, the local Spacesaver reps delved into the university’s plans for the collection. They meticulously surveyed the space, accounting for the room’s quirks such as support columns, entrance logistics, and the chronological arrangement of DVDs.

Low profile dvd storage library

The end result? A dazzling configuration of Spacesaver Cantilever Shelving, adorned with decorative laminate tops and end panel finishes. This design not only boosted the library’s storage capacity but also delivered a visually pleasing and functional marvel. Lower countertops and strategically positioned shelving near windows were incorporated to bask in natural light, preserving the library’s desired openness. Tilted shelves showcased select display videos, while laminate tops adorned with posterboard displays elevated the aesthetic experience.

Spaceaver Storage Solutions provides shelving for DVDs

Post-project completion, the University’s library staff showered praise on Spacesaver Storage Solutions’ entire team, expressing sheer satisfaction with both the outcome and the team’s professionalism. Another storage triumph for Spacesaver Storage Solutions, saving the day one DVD at a time! Contact us today if you have a large collection that needs to be organized.

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