Movable Work Tables

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Lack of space to work on projects can be frustrating, so work areas often need to do double duty. Movable work tables create flexible spaces that can be reconfigured at a moment’s notice. Our mobile tables are ideal for museums, back rooms, libraries, athletic equipment rooms, tool rooms, and more. First, we will talk about a moving table on rails.

Moving Prep Table that Slides on Rails

A movable prep table on rails creates flex space in a room that stores maps and architectural plans. It provides a flat surface to work on active projects. Then if needed, the table can be moved out of the way to create a large open area to receive and process materials.

The table has flat-file cabinets on one side and 4-Post shelving on the other.

The movable work table is usually placed near the center of the room to provide convenient access from all sides.   When employees need more room, they can turn the mechanical-assist handle to move the table out of the way along rails installed in the floor.  The next option is the work table on wheels for any location.

Work Table on Wheels



Collections in museums, libraries or other facilities include objects that vary widely in size. Staff often need to construct custom housings to protect them. To minimize the risk of damage, staff prefer to work as close to the objects’ storage locations as possible.

Spacesaver Storage Solutions found that staff often desire large, movable, all-purpose work table for the museum collections area. They want large compartments to store projects that are in progress, and they also want drawers for cutters, materials for making conservation mounts, and other supplies.

The table is movable around the collections area, and the wheels (also called casters) lock to keep the table securely in place. Its drawers and compartments can be custom designed to staff’s specifications. Next, we will talk about art racks plus work surfaces.


Spacesaver’s art racks are usually used for storage or display, but this unique art rack actually serves as a work surface for art conservators.  An art museum needed a place to do restoration work on the museum’s large and heavy frames. The workspace needed to be sturdy enough to support the frames.  Floor space was at a premium and the workspace needed to be stored away when not in use.

The racks are stored flat against the wall, with just enough space behind them to store frames. When needed, the racks can be swung out toward the center of the room, allowing staff with easy access to tools and supplies.

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