Medical Supply Room Storage

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High-density storage systems optimize space and increase storage capacity

Hospital’s top staff often desire better medical supply room storage and maximize patient treatment space.

Staff often struggle with inadequate medical supply storage for many years before the capital is available for upgrades.


Accessible, well-organized healthcare storage solutions boost morale by reducing frustration and minimizing physical strain, allowing staff to devote their attention to patient care.

Healthcare Improve Staff Morale

Reduce frustration associated with looking for lost items.

Healthcare Improve Staff Morale

Store items at point of need.

Healthcare Improve Staff Morale

Prevent musculoskeletal strain.

Spacesaver Storage Solutions knows that treating more patients requires even more medical supplies like tubing, bags, and gauze. We also know that storage for these items can take up a lot of space. In order to maximize the space available for patient care areas, the hospital team needs to optimize storage space. They also want to save staff time by locating all the supplies in one well-organized place.

The Spacesaver system optimizes medical supply storage, keeping supplies organized and accessible. Call us today so we can help you with your medical storage needs.


The storage system can also be secured with a keypad/lock to prevent unauthorized access to the medical supplies.

The Spacesaver system provides efficient storage for:

• Gowns and Coveralls
• Surgical Drapes
• Towels
• Prep Kits
• Dressings
• Masks and Gloves
…and many more medical supplies
for your facility.

The new Spacesaver high-density mobile system provides plenty of storage space and it keeps medical supplies clean, organized, and accessible. It allows a facility to serve more patients, and staff can easily find the supplies they need!

Call us today for your medical storage needs.



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