Cannabis Growing Lighting and Drying Racks

These systems are ideally suited for  indoor cannabis cultivation.

Overhead Lighting Systems

We offer indoor and greenhouse growers a safe, efficient and effective method to move any type of grow light, ventilation, heating or drying rack system. Our patent pending systems deliver feedback on when, how much, and by whom lights were moved. This solution provides deep insight into operations.


Our undercarriage machine is a compact version of the overhead machine, it moves air and lights, and is designed to serve the multi-tier growers market. We will work with any vertical moving or vertical air system to incorporate light moving.


The  drying racks  will revolutionize the way Cannabis and Hemp growers handle their product during this most critical phase.

The Vertical Grow Mobile System


The growers’ first attempt at saving space involved placing plants on low tables. The aisles were narrow and cramped, and the tables were too wide for the employees to comfortably reach across.


The new commercial grow room setup doubled the growing area and improved working conditions. Two levels of Spacesaver’s wide-span shelving on the ActivRAC® Mobilized Shelving System formed the core of the new floorplan.

Spacesaver Storage Solutions can design a grow room floorplan using ActivRAC. The ActivRAC system consists of shelving or pallet racking mounted on “carriages” that move along rails installed into or on top of the floor.