In R2Vertical Storage the Answer for You?

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Rousseau offers durable, heavy-duty products that can scale up or down in line with our customers’ business needs. The ability to personalize these products is one of the great advantages of choosing Rousseau. For personalized management of your storage space, you will love the stylish design and impressive versatility of our R Multi-Drawer Cabinets. Whether you need just one unit or one hundred, our team will help you build your ideal configuration. The cabinet is available in both stationary and mobile versions. The mobile version features superior-quality casters, a sturdy handle that provides a firm grip and an integrated lock-in mechanism for added safety when moving the cabinet around the workplace. All mobile and stationary models include a central locking system so all drawers can be locked at the same time, as well as stabilizing bars, which provided extra rigidity to the housing. The multi-drawer cabinet is incredibly versatile, built to last and available in a wide variety of colors.

To personalize it even further, you can add the R2V Vertical Storage System to the top of your R Cabinet.

The Rousseau Metal R2V Vertical Storage is designed to be stacked on top of the company’s R cabinet, helping users reclaim floor space by making use of vertical space. The drawers open to maximum extension.  This eliminates the hard-to-reach areas found in traditional shelf storage and ensures users have full access to the contents. The R2V Vertical Storage features a 200-lb capacity per drawer and is compatible with 5S accessories such as utility panels, trays, magnetic dividers, shelves, and hooks to help manage inventory.



  • Well-organized storage makes it easier to locate items
  • Reclaims floor space by making use of vertical space
  • Ergonomic and secure design
  • Drawers open to maximum extension for easy access to contents
  • Compatible with a range of 5S accessories
  • 200lb. capacity per drawer




To help management of your inventory, a range of 5S accessories are available: utility panels, trays, magnetic dividers, shelves, and hooks.

By adding the optional two-user access to the cabinet, you can have separate access for two employees in the same cabinet.

With R2V, you benefit from efficiency gains and increased storage capacity while using your floor space to its full potential.

Contact us today to learn more about the R Cabinets with the R2V Vertical System.

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