How to Increase Cannabis Growth Yield

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Mobile Indoor Vertical Grow Rack Systems For Cannabis Growing

Are you growing cannabis or plants inside for your business?   Do you want to increase your yield without purchasing additional real estate?  What do you get when you mix a global pandemic, an economic downturn, and a series of extreme weather events? You get a lot of people trying to cope with anxiety and stress. And many people have had to cancel expensive vacations and nights out on the town, so they have money to literally burn — or bake into edibles, or massage onto sore joints.

It’s all led to unprecedented demand for cannabis. For example, recreational marijuana is a “breakout star” in a “hazy economic landscape,” according to CNN. Illinois sales of the drug topped 60 million dollars in the month of July alone, and sales tax revenues for the first half of 2020 were nearly twice the projected amount. Other states are reporting similar spikes in demand.

Indoor cannabis growers are always seeking ways to increase yield, but now it’s more important than ever.


The Best Way to Increase Cannabis Yield

There’s no shortage of advice on how to increase yield, from pruning techniques to lighting. All that advice has merit, but the simplest, most direct route to higher yield is to increase the grow area in your facility.

So how do you get more grow area? You could build an addition, but that’s expensive. In many land-locked facilities expanding isn’t even an option. And in some states, indoor cannabis grow facilities are limited by square footage.

To get more canopy in your existing grow rooms, you need to optimize space horizontally, by eliminating empty aisles between tables. And you need to go vertical to add additional levels of plants. Spacesaver’s GROW Mobile System lets you do just that.


Indoor commercial cannabis growers can increase yield with mobile vertical racking.

How Mobile Indoor Vertical Grow Rack Systems Work

The GROW Mobile System eliminates wasted aisle space and creates multiple levels of growing area. By maximizing space, reducing energy use, and improving efficiency, Spacesaver’s mobile vertical racking technology helps create better places to work and grow.

  • More Plants In The Same Space
  • Lower Cost Per Plant
  • Safe, Comfortable Working Conditions


With sturdy steel racks mounted on “carriages” that move along rails in the floor, the GROW vertical racking system allows you to grow more plants in the same space. It’s strong enough to accommodate lighting, irrigation, and even soil-filled pots.

Our partnership with Hawthorne Gardening Co. means you get expert insights from Hawthorne cannabis consultants and one contract with one price on all the systems you need to optimize your facility. All irrigation, lighting, ventilation, and other systems from Hawthorne are compatible with the GROW mobile vertical grow rack system.



Some state-issued cultivation licenses limit the grow area to 3,000 square feet. “The challenge is to maximize the utility of the space.  Manufacturers need to use the square footage allotment that we they have in the most efficient way possible.

The solution can be two-fold: first, growers can use mobile benching to optimize the grow rooms’ square footage. Then they can go vertical to maximize the volume. Growing on multiple tiers of mobile benching would allow the facility to quadruple its canopy area.

The following is how we helped one cannabis grower.


After talking with multiple mobile vertical grow rack vendors, the design team opted to design the cannabis cultivation facility with Spacesaver’s GROW Mobile Systems in each of its two grow rooms. Each system consists of 20-foot-tall widespan shelving mounted on 50-foot-long ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System carriages that move on rails to eliminate wasted aisle space. Three tiers of racking support LED lights, ventilation systems, and irrigation systems in addition to plants and soil-filled pots.

After the design was finalized, the team embarked on a complex construction process. Due to the Spacesaver systems’ size, components had to be delivered and stored inside the cultivation area before the facility was actually built. “Having Spacesaver involved early on helped the general contractor work the racking into the construction process,” the architect said. “In addition to having the rails installed in the floor when the concrete was poured, we also needed to store components inside the space before it was constructed. Tiering the delivery of materials was very important.”


When compared to stationary 4×8 tables, Spacesaver’s GROW Mobile System quadrupled the grow area in the facility’s 3,000 square feet of cultivation space.

The two grow rooms started with 18 tables = 576 sqft. of canopy and now has 72 tables = 2600 sqft. of canopy.

“The Spacesaver system allows us to maximize their growing capacity. It also allows users to custom tailor the growing space so that every four by eight bench, is identical, with the same environment.

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