Monitored Holding Cell

Temporary Holding Cell

This partition system can build prisoner temporary holding cells in correctional and detention centers across the country. Our holding cage  provides supervised temporary confinement while prisoners are being processed or detained for a short period of time. Because of the versatility of our wire partition system, the strong wire partition panels can be configured to meet facility needs utilizing our standard parts.

Holding Cell Doors, Ceilings, Locks and Handcuff Rails

Holding Cell Doors & Ceilings

A hinged door with a secure lock device keeps detainees and prisoners in the temporary holding cell. Ceiling panels constructed of the same material completes the holding cell, and our unique design prevents access to all hardware from the secure side of the holding cell enclosure. The wire partition holding cell system installs quickly with standard hand tools using heavy 3/8″ assembly hardware. Our open but secure design allows free circulation of existing lighting, HVAC, and fire suppression systems throughout the holding cell. Heavy duty options are available for facilities requiring enhanced security.

Holding Cell Locks Details

A standard mortise cylinder lock, a self-locking device with a spring action tongue, can be installed on the holding cell. We also offer an institutional high security dead latch lock. Top and bottom slide bolts can be added to the door. Customer specified locks may be integrated into the system as well. review our custom locks section to see some examples of locks we integrated into our system.

Handcuff Rails

A 1″ diameter steel pipe can be added to the bench for prisoner lock down. The pipe is securely welded on both ends and centered 2 1/2″ from the face side of the bench. If the full-length rail is not desired, single forged steel eyelets can be placed at customer specified positions along the face of the bench.

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