Heavy-Duty Mobile Storage

Our Heavy-Duty Mobile Storage Solutions in Action:

ActivRAC 7 – Heavy-Duty Mobile Storage System

ActivRAC 7 a heavy-duty mobile storage system comes in three different styles to help better suit your needs. Meeting a building’s compliance for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is easily achieved with Spacesaver’s mobile storage systems.  Each option can hold a maximum of 7,000 pounds of storage:

Warehouse shelving for box storage on shelving

ActivRAC 16:

A powered mobilized pallet rack system with load capacities of 16,000 pounds per carriage, ActivRAC 16P (Powered) is a great way to store the heaviest of items, from pallets of inventory and repair equipment to beer and wine barrel storage to slow-moving parts.

ActivRAC 30: A Heavy-Duty Mobile Storage System

Offering 30,000 pounds of storage per carriage, ActivRAC 30P (Powered) is our most heavy-duty mobile storage solution available.

Mobile Storage in the warehouse

Want to see how ActivRAC can help you store the heaviest of items?