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Vertical Carousels and Lifts offer a flexible storage and provisioning system that adapt to your needs.

Our team of experienced professionals can deliver state-of-the-art automated solutions, including the Hänel Rotomat® industrial and office carousels, the Lockomat®, Lean-Lift® and Multi-Space® vertical storage systems. Each designed with ergonomics in mind for optimized put and pick operations; these advanced features safeguard stored items and improve inventory management for maximum performance. Make use of our vertical solutions to potentially save up to 60% of your warehouse floor space for fast access to stored items!

The modern intralogistics industry is built on three important principles: economy, efficiency and ecology. Hänel offers cutting edge solutions to optimize storage space, save time and money while streamlining workflows. This first-rate technology makes it a breeze to meet these demands.

We are ready to customize a solution that fits your unique storage and intralogistics needs – so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Combine the awesome storage capacity with state of the art inventory management software and you have an extremely effective storage solution!

Vertical Carousels and Lifts in Action:

Vertical Carousels

Vertical Carousels and Lifts offer up to 60% more storage capacity.
The Rotomat® office carousel from Hänel makes use of the available room height, so its compact design creates up to 60% more filing capacity. This means expensive office space is used more efficiently.
This saves costs! – Fast and efficient
The Rotomat® office carousel from Hänel brings the required files to the retrieval point in just a few seconds.
No more bending, ladder-climbing or walking long distances to search for and archive records. The required files are brought automatically to the optimum ergonomic retrieval height.
The right decision
If you want to improve your office organization methods and cut costs, you should first speak with us – together we can work out a tailor-made solution for your office.

Vertical Lifts

The Hanel Lean-Lift offers a state-of-the-art warehouse organization system that can revolutionize your workflow. With our high quality, high tech materials, you’ll be reducing work time, space requirements, and costs – giving your staff a problem free environment to thrive in! Our Lean-Lift utilizes the available ceiling height to keep storage compact while also creating more storage space on the same footprint. Plus, with its automated mechanisms, items are always brought to the retrieval zone quickly and efficiently. And with our microprocessor control systems syncing directly with your host computer for real time inventory updates or used as standalone management software—you’ll never have issues keeping up with stock levels again! Let Hanel help bring out the witty side of warehouse optimization!

Looking to improve your storage organization and reduce costs?

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