Hanel MP 14 N Controller = Increased Efficiency

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The high-performance Hänel MP 14 N controller – proven technology in modern design

Hanel Systems are a wonderful solution for storage and management of your warehouse.  Our range of high-tech automated solutions includes Hänel Rotomat® industrial and office carousels, the Hänel Lockomat® and the proven Hänel Lean-Lift® and Multi-Space® vertical storage systems. In addition to ergonomic design for optimized put and pick operations, Hänel systems have many advanced features that protect stored items and support inventory transparency for maximum efficiency. Vertical solutions can save up to 60% of your warehouse floor space and dramatically increase the pace of accessing and retrieving items from storage. To improve your efficiency even more, add a MP 14 N controller.

The improved Hänel MP 14 N controller combines maximum ease of use with an elegant system interface.

The 12-inch high-resolution touchscreen supports maximum ease of use with plenty of space to show a large amount of information. The enormous range of functions offered by the Hänel MP 14 N controller is enhanced by easy and intuitive operation.

The new design improves ease of use dramatically. Graphics have a minimal style that provides for a clear and concise visual design. The new color scheme guides users as they navigate through the controller’s functions.



The integrated alphanumeric keyboard has also been optimized in terms of color and contrast. Individual keys are very distinct and easy to see, thus improving operation even in environments with dim lighting.

Switching to the new user interface is easy

The Hänel Service Department can install a system update for all existing storage solutions equipped with the MP 14 N controller to give operators the new user interface. Users are then able to switch from the classic mode to the new design quite easily.

The MP 14 N controller serves as the central node in digital networks comprised of Hänel storage systems. The Hänel controller is ready for the requirements of the future.

The Hänel MP 14 N controller

  • New ease of operation and typical Hänel high quality with a 12-inch touchscreen. The virtual alpha keyboard is displayed clearly on the touchscreen.

One control system – three operating modes

  • Three different modes of operation in one controller make integration in your network easy.

Direct integration of Hänel systems in various ERP solutions via SOAP protocol

  • Hänel has equipped its controllers with a SOAP web service interface to support flexible integration in modern IT environments. Web-based technology enables the implementation of a middleware-free link between the Hänel controller and many ERP solutions – for example, SAP.

Onboard warehouse management

  • The Hänel MP 14 N controller is already equipped with a comprehensive range of warehouse management functions and thus provides an ideal basis for connection to primary host ERP systems.

Integrated web server

  • All warehouse data can be called up via the IT network thanks to the integrated web server and standard browsers.

Hanel MP14 Integrated controller


Screen Hanel MP14

The pluses of MP 14 Controller

  • Wide range of languages.
  • Integrated FTP client, CIFS client, SOAP server for data communication.
  • Graphical tray display
  • Integrated web server supports retrieval of current warehouse data via intranet and Internet.
  • Ethernet interface is standard.
  • Warehouse management package is included.
  • New download functions are available on the PC browser: Article master data, order recommendation lists and operations journal (optional) can be exported in Excel format.
  • Article numbers and designations can be input via the PC browser.
  • Other modules: ‘Batch Management’, Data input allocation via 1D/2D barcode scanner
  • Control center for entering HTTPS certificates.



Item selection – put/pick operations

When an item is selected, a detailed list of information about the item is displayed. Customer-specific information can also be included. You can adapt the warehouse management to suit your specific needs!

Graphical overview of containers

Hanel MP14 Graphical Overview


The current situation on each container is clearly displayed. Touching the compartments marked on the display will reveal the contents. This function helps users perform management and picking tasks.

Item data information

All of the information is available precisely where you need it: The Hänel controller display gives you direct access to all warehouse management functions and article data.

When a search term is entered, the results are displayed in a table. Any data field can be selected as a search field, such as article number, article name, etc.


Hanel Lift


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