Gym Class/Athletic Equipment Storage



Spacesaver Storage Solutions Virginia can help teachers organize and store their  gym class equipment, letting you spend less time searching for supplies, and more time with your students.

Gym storage is often limited.  PE teachers and coaches have few options for organizing and protecting gear. Our storage system allows you to store the gym equipment in a neat and orderly manner. High-quality storage system in several sizes accommodate class and team storage. Coaches and teachers can also keep balls and other equipment safe and ready for action with lockable ball and sports equipment carts.

Buy durable and custom school gym storage items with us.


High-density mobile storage can maximize even the smallest spaces to compactly and conveniently store athletic and gym class equipment. Here’s how it works:

Typical shelving wastes space. Shelving on Spacesaver mobile systems uses shelving on rails to eliminate wasted space. It’s an ideal way to organize and streamline athletic equipment inventory for physical education classes and any elementary school, middle school, or high school sports program. We can design separate locking sections for each sport  or class so they could always know exactly what the teams or classes have on hand.

The Challenge

Sometimes elementary schools have to use many  different storage areas for physical education equipment.  They may have packed storage rooms, so the schools may be  forced to store items on shelving in the gymnasium, or in a storage room on a different side of the school.  The Staff  may end up being continually frustrated by the cramped and cluttered storage areas.   It can take a long time to find equipment and put it away properly.  A clean and efficient system would allow the teachers to spend more time planning and preparing for class, and less time hunting and gathering equipment.

Gym Class basketball storage